The Reliability of WiFi is Integral for the Development of Construction Sites Operating Effectively

reliable wifi for construction

Out of commitment to delivering super-fast and reliable broadband, the UK government is investing £5 billion to reach several premises and deliver next-generation connectivity. A typical construction company relies on connectivity for communication and coordination. Fortunately, this is an investment open to every construction company willing to up their game.

When you invest in reliable WiFi for construction sites, your project management becomes enhanced and earns your company the needed recognition to do business with many more clients.

Let’s have a closer look at the reliability of Wifi and why it is integral for the development of construction sites being able to operate effectively.

Cloud Access Gets Better with WiFi

The construction company also employs computers for operating building software such as CAD for generating engineering and architectural designs. A few decades ago, project managers would store these programmes on individual machines, such that contractors, team leaders, and workers would visit the site office to view the building plans.

With the combo of WiFi and cloud storage, project designs are now mobile, and engineering designs generated with CAD, for instance, are accessible from anywhere and on a computer across the building site. The contractor does not have to visit the site office, and the project is not delayed in this regard. Stakeholders and managers merely share the designs across the various platforms.

No More Delays from Missing Equipment

You do not also need security personnel when, for example, IP CCTV can stream images using site WiFi while the security team only responds to invasions instead of manning the equipment area to keep thieves away all day. You can’t also bet on humans over machines, which you can tag on equipment to alert the security team whenever the equipment area is breached.

Moreover, WiFi-managed access systems at the gate can stream images from the camera to the security team who unlock gates remotely, giving them records of people accessing the site.

WiFi Puts an End to Tangling Cables

WiFi for a construction site is not only reputable for speed, the fact that it is wireless keeps it miles apart from cabled lines. You do not dig trenches to place cables, cables do not have to run across the site, and you don’t find it difficult to tell what wire manages connectivity in certain areas of the site.

Apart from putting an end to tangling cables, WiFi eliminates the problem of cables getting damaged during construction, typically due to heavy equipment crashing into them. This would mean halting the project to restore connectivity, which costs time and triggers project delays.

Lower Latency

Sometimes, it can be questionable whether your wireless WiFi is reliable like connecting through fibre or Ethernet cable. WiFi delivers faster bandwidth speeds, perhaps, between 10Mbps and up to 2GB+.

This relentless speed can match the performance of gigabit fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) services. You will experience very low latency, and your cloud and communication services will function effectively without glitches and buffering.


In terms of flexibility, cabled lines are faced by WiFi, flexible onsite connections mean faster solutions. WiFi brings flexible and temporary solutions, unlike cabled lines that require you to install somewhat permanent infrastructure.

Nevertheless, some building projects may take longer, perhaps years, but when you can pack up or disable the service when needed without a physical mark that may require work to correct, it’s easier for your company to exit the site for a new project. Wireless setups can also be easily reusable at different project sites, and this saves running costs because the company gets to keep some connectivity equipment around for a longer period.

IoT + WiFi Enhancing Building Experience

Instead of manually monitoring machinery health, your company can move to a condition-based maintenance model over regular scheduled maintenance or equipment repairs when they break down. This means repairs can be monitored with analytics that offers predictive repairs, and track issues in the systems beforehand.

By collecting and reporting potential machine breaks, workers are less exposed to risks of getting stuck while operating machines in dangerous areas. That’s if the said machine is not already operating automatically.

Faster Installations that Speed Up Projects Duration

By using WiFi for your building project, you are signing up for easier installations that speed up project delivery times. No time is lost to digging trenches, placing cables, or fulfilling licensing requirements and landlord approval. These setbacks being eliminated mean that you can deliver the project in record time while saving cost.