Why Select A Metal Roof Replacement In Florida

Metal Roof Replacement

A popular direction amongst South Florida homeowners is to go with metal roofing for their homes. While metal roof installations are gaining popularity across the U.S., it’s far more done in the Southern states, as they have a greater threat of tropical storms and hurricanes. As we will explore, there are multiple benefits to choosing a metal roof installation.

While there are many reasons more people are selecting metal roof replacements, a big one is that homeowners in Florida aren’t moving around as much. As more people choose to stay in their homes for longer, the upside of a low-maintenance roof with such robust strength becomes understandably alluring.

The only obstacles here are the initial cost of metal roofing and the decreased ability to exactly color match when making repairs. However, enhanced strength being a metal roof’s selling point usually means that a minimal amount of repairs are ever needed.


The reality is no other roofing material normally used in Florida nowadays will last longer than metal. If you live in a humid location, prone to hurricanes, putting your money in a roof that will last a lifetime is wise. A metal roof replacement can hold up for over 60 years if maintained properly, whereas, with a shingle roof, you are very lucky to have it last 10 years in Florida.


A metal roof installation is built to handle severe weather conditions; metal roofing has any roofing material’s best wind resistance rating. With the threat of any given summer of destructive hurricanes, a metal roof installation can provide additional comfort in the well-being of you and your loved ones. Furthermore, they don’t crack and peel, nor are they water absorbent. They are also resistant to mildew, decay, and rust.

The Look

New designs in metal roofing on many residences look jaw-dropping, with a sharp departure from the antiquated metal sheds many people envision when metal roofing comes to mind. Boasting a large variance in both colors and designs, metal roofing immediately increases a home’s aesthetics.

Elevate The Value Of Your Home

Sure, the look of your property is improved, but you’ll also be increasing the home’s resell value.  Nobody enjoys having to reroof soon after settling into a new home. When moving into a home with a pre-existing metal roof, getting it replaced will likely never happen!

Improved Energy Efficiency

During the brutal summer months, the air conditioning unit in any Florida property is working overtime, often resulting in elevated power bills. Many don’t know that this can be partly to blame on the roof; with many roofs being asphalt and asphalt doing a poor job of reflecting heat, it makes an AC work harder than it should. If an asphalt roof is a problem for the AC, a metal roof is its best friend.  A metal roof reflects light from the sun, and with ease, will release any heat absorbed, resulting in a big savings of money for the property owner.

Eco Positive 

For homeowners mindful of our beautiful planet, you’ll be pleased to know that metal roofing is 100% recyclable. In comparison to an asphalt roof, of which all of it goes right into a landfill.

Fire Resistance

You’ll sleep more calmly at night knowing that your metal roof is fire resistant. Metal roofs can withstand lightning strikes and wildfire and still not catch on fire.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Most people, after installing a metal roof, will qualify to have lower homeowners insurance. This is because the insurance company knows the likelihood of them ever having to replace your metal roof is slim to none.

In addition to all the pros mentioned above, the maintenance of metal roofing is quite low. After getting all the information, deciding which roofing material to pick for a new roof installation is a big decision that should be reached. The goal of this article was to highlight the advantages of installing a metal roof in Boca Raton, Florida.