How Do Women’s Workwear Differ from Men’s?

Women's Workwear

Women in Australia have greatly contributed to the development of the country. However, throughout history, Australian culture has been dominated by men. In 1984, the government abolished sex discrimination throughout Australia via the Sex Discrimination Act 1984.

When choosing an outfit for work, it is not necessary to spend a fortune. Womens workwear Australia made comes in different varieties depending on the industry that you are in. The key is to ensure that you feel confident and comfortable with your outfit. However, it is easier said than done, particularly for women.

Sometimes finding a balance between looking professional and stylish can be challenging. Workwear for women should not only be chic but appropriate as well. Whether you are wearing casual separates or a smart suit, you must look polished.

Most companies implement a strict dress code for their employees. Often, it depends on their position in the company while others depend on their particular task. For instance, massage therapists, pharmacy staff, female nurses, and medical and dental assistants typically wear scrubs.

When it comes to workplace attire, the degree of formality varies. Sometimes we can easily recognize the difference between women’s and men’s clothing.

Smart Casual

Generally, men would go for dress pants, a sports jacket, and a tie. At the same time, others prefer to wear a turtleneck shirt or a regular business shirt.

On the other hand, women would also choose to wear dress pants or a skirt combined with a turtleneck or top. Another excellent choice for women would be poplin shirts since they are smooth and comfortable and provide you with a smart-casual vibe. Of course, it’s also great to have a dressy sweater or dress shoes along with some accessories.

Formal Attire

Men prefer to wear traditional business attire composed of a suit worn over a business shirt. You can also combine it with sports jackets, dress shoes, ties and other accessories. However, if you want to use some accessories, then be sure to keep them to a minimum, for instance, watches.

When it comes to women’s formal business attire, it usually includes skirts or pantsuits combined with blouses or tops. Typically, women would wear stockings along with high heeled shoes. Accessories should only be subtle, for instance, makeup and some jewelry.


Men’s casual workwear is usually composed of casual jeans or pants, sandals, and athletic wear. The casual attire for women can consist of jeans, casual pants, or skirts.

If you want to look extra flattering, choose lightweight pants, particularly those with a flat front fit. Another great option would be blouses and sweatshirts. If you are active during the day, then choosing piping polos can make you feel comfortable throughout the day since it is made of dry and cool material.

Business Casual

The business casual attire for men is usually made up of dress pants, Dockers-type pants, khakis, along with a shirt. Instead of a traditional shirt, you could choose to wear a golf-type shirt with collars. Men would prefer wearing sweaters or vests over their shirts. Although, some men would prefer to be informal by wearing a casual jacket and tie.

While women would prefer to wear skirts or a nice pair of pants, usually, they combine this with blouses or tops and a sweater.

Nowadays, numerous womens workwear Australia are already available, allowing them to dress whatever they like while staying professional.