RTP in Brick & Mortar Vs. Online Slots Casinos


Yes, Brick and Mortar casinos still exist and operate. If you’re someone introduced to gambling after the mid-90s, the chances are that you’ll be unfamiliar with the term Brick and Mortar casinos because, after that period, gambling has become more of online activity. Brick and Mortar casinos are land-based gambling establishments operating within the brick walls. If you put both the online casinos and land-based casinos head to head and try to determine which one is better than online casinos will surely be the winner. 

Reason? Well, online casinos including Cozino are larger in size and operate in a broader area (the whole world), while the land-based casinos are limited to a specific audience and run inside a confined space; therefore, the facilities (slots and games) are also limited. Besides, the online casinos give you the liberty to gamble on the go regardless of your geolocation, while to spin a reel on a land-based casino, you’ll have to leave everything and walk, drive, or might even have to fly to another destination. So, the question we have is which one of these establishments has better RTP values, and is it worth traveling to a different country only to make a bet, or is it better to stay at home and place your bets using your smartphone? So, let’s find out. 

RTP at Land-Based Casinos 

Let’s start with a prominent aspect: the slot selection land-based casino is far smaller than online casinos because they operate within a physical space. Besides, running a land-based casino is a costly process, and obviously, such large establishments are built to make a profit. 

The land-based casinos have a lower number of income-generating machines; therefore, the house edge is far higher than online casinos. So, the RTPs automatically fall way down on a land-based establishment. Even a standard online slot machine offers an RTP of more than 94%; however, when the same machine enters a land-based casino, the RTP falls as low as 70% because of the higher house edge. 

RTPs at Online Casinos 

On the other hand, online casinos have far more customers coming from all over the world, less operational costs, and higher incomes. Therefore, they can easily afford to pay their customers back with much higher payout percentages. And that’s the reason you’ll even find games with RTP as high as 99% at online casinos. Findings

Online casinos offer higher RTPs than land-based establishments. Theoretically, a player playing on an online casino has a higher chance of scoring bigger payouts than a player spinning the reels on a land-based establishment. No gambler in their right mind would leave a game with an RTP of 95% and go for a game offering only 70%. But are RTPs really accurate, and do they actually have an impact on the payouts? Well, that’s a whole different question.