What is the best time to start UPSC preparation?

UPSC preparation

Many UPSC aspirants have the question of when is the best time to prepare for the Civil Services Examination. There is no ideal age to get started with the UPSC preparations. However, most Upsc aspirants begin their preparation straight after college, when they are 21 or 22 years old.

Many aspirants, however, are inspired later in life to join the public service and prefer to begin preparing after 26 or 28 years. However, there are some candidates that have passed the exam in their first attempt at the age of 31.

While the decision to take the UPSC Civil Services Exam may be simple, the experience that follows is both intimidating and stressful. For a newbie, the first few months are spent simply learning about the exam and determining the best path to take in order to achieve their goal.

UPSC aspirants can go for both online as well as offline coaching for better results. However, UPSC online coaching is thriving currently owing to the pandemic

The Right Time to start UPSC preparation?

For school students, their primary goal should be to complete the school education with complete focus and determination, while UPSC preparation should only be secondary as of now.

For college goers, serious preparations can start from the beginning of the final year of graduation or a little earlier, without affecting the graduation study, because one will never have another chance to improve the graduation exams, but there would be plenty of chances to pass the UPSC exam.

Once you have completed your education, you are usually between the ages of 21 and 23. This is the perfect time to study for the UPSC exam properly. Not everyone cracks the exam on the very first attempt.

Many people succeed in the exam on their second, third, and fourth attempts, while they are between the ages of 22 and 26. So, without any hesitation or concern, one should devote completely to the UPSCĀ  exam during this period.

Opting for UPSC after completing graduation is the right thing as there is ample time to pursue another career, even if one fails in the exams. One can also consider part-time exam preparation by working elsewhere. However, the results may not be on par with full-time aspirants.

There will be instances when one is unable to understand a concept or are bored with reading or self-studying. That’s when online UPSC coaching comes to the rescue by watching a variety of online videos on a variety of topics.

They will not only assist you in better understanding a topic, but they will also save you time. For example, if it takes an hour to read and comprehend a topic, you may do so in 15 minutes by viewing a video! Furthermore, some people retain such information better than they would if they read it from a book.

UPSC online coaching is the most sought-after coaching option for most Upsc aspirants due to the pandemic.

The Conclusion

Preparation can begin at any age but being informed of current events in society, the country, and the world, as well as our history, culture, and government system is extremely important

Starting UPSC Exam preparation does not only imply reading standard books.

The IAS test requires personality development too. Then, at the appropriate age, one should seriously begin preparing to attain their goal of serving society and country as a civil servant.