What is the introductory hair loss treatment for men?


It is not just women, who are particular about their hair, even men are and why not? Hair constitutes to be a very important part of the body, as it is one of the factors which helps in enhancing the overall looks. However, men very often face hair loss problems, and this is where the role of different hair loss treatments come into the picture. All thanks to technology that these solutions are now active.

Androgenic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness, is one of the most typical kinds of hair thinning in men. A study of a reputed medical Institute is showing that more than half of men after the age of 50 are bound to come across hair loss due to male baldness pattern to some extent before they start hair treatment for men.

Ther are so many reasons why this pattern of baldness starts to happen in the first place on men’s scalps. Family history for genetics can play a big part in this kind of hair thinning. According to the studies, a sex hormone named androgen can generate this pattern of male hair thinning. The androgen hormone plays a lot of functions, including developing hair growth in men.

Every hair follicle on our head has its life cycle. With hair thinning patterns in males, the life cycle starts to get poor due to the shrinkage of the hair follicle.

This shrunk hair follicle then grows out final and shorter strands of hair. Finally, the shrink follicle becomes so weak that it cannot even start a new life circle. This means there is not any hair sprouting out from that hair follicle.

The majority of the time, male inherited hair thinning has no adverse effects. But in some cases, hair thinning can have a more deep-rooted cause, such as anabolic steroids, thyroid or diabetic conditions, certain medications, and even certain kinds of cancers. Sometimes male patients on new medication experience hair loss.

Other health concerns can create hair thinning due to clusters of fallen hair breakage feeling pain, redness rash on the scalp. Doctors have even found distinctive patterns of hair thinning through their diagnosis accompanied by fungal infections or allergies.

In these cases, medical professionals order blood tests and skin biopsies to find out the underlying disease responsible for this kind of balding scalp.

Introductory hair loss treatment


Rogaine, also commonly known as minoxidil, is a topical drug doctor put on the scalp. This drug slows down the hair thinning for some male patients.

Minoxidil grows new hair follicles by stimulating the scalp. This medication takes three months to a year to show superior results. Hair loss can also come back after the male patients stop using this drug.


This is an oral drug that diffuses hair thinning in some cases. Intake of finasteride starts to block the manufacture of the particular male hormone guilty for hair thinning. Minoxidil has a lower success rate than this drug. But this drug also stops performing after quitting the intake, and hair loss come back.


Medications of hair treatment for men can have side effects. This is the reason why individuals are suggested proper medical guidance before they start using these drugs.