Chernobyl tour: why is it worth visiting the Exclusion Zone?

Chernobyl Tour

Many people today wonder where they can go on a trip to see something unusual and memorable because most resorts offer the same program. The Chernobyl tour will change your idea of ​​outdoor activities and show what awaits humanity in the future if it does not cease to relate to nature negatively.

What attracts tourists to the Chernobyl tour? 

Even though the Chernobyl nuclear power plant tragedy occurred more than 30 years ago, this place remains one of the most potent tourist destinations in Ukraine. It is mainly because the area has a unique history and atmosphere; the tour Chernobyl has many myths.

So, the most common myth is that some living organisms have been subject to solid mutations due to radiation. Some video games and films have imposed the idea that two-headed animals and horses with several pairs of legs walk around the territory. It is all fiction. Living organisms that live in the Chernobyl zone are affected by radiation.

But this leads to cancerous neoplasms and a decrease in the average standard of living in the region. Another myth about the tour to Chernobyl Zone is connected with the fact that it is a secure facility where no one is allowed. It is only half true.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the Chernobyl zone every year. You can legally enter the exclusion zone as part of a tourist group. Each visitor receives special equipment to measure the level of radiation; special equipment or other equipment is not needed here.

At the moment, the destroyed radiator is under the sarcophagus, so it is impossible to look at it. The specialists who maintain the facility make an exception for scientists or journalists, but this is a big exception. In general, the Chernobyl zone is an exciting place, around which there are many legends that only fuel interest, but most of them have no confirmation. Tourists have nothing to fear because such a short trip cannot be harmful.

Chernobyl tour cost 

Chernobyl tour cost largely depends on such indicators:

  • How many days do you plan to spend in the exclusion zone?
  • Do you want to be in a general group and develop an individual tour?
  • What sights do you want to see?

In general, the best Chernobyl tour includes an individual excursion with visits to various attractions, including those not included in the general program.

Since all objects are far enough from each other, you will not be able to go around all the places in one day, so it is an excellent decision to stay in the Chernobyl zone for the night. It will give unusual, new impressions that are not comparable with anything. At night, here you can feel the perfect peace and unity with nature.