Everything You Must Know About Buying Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils

Veils have traditionally been a significant aspect of wedding attires for a long time. Veils signify modesty and complement white wedding gowns perfectly. In most cases, veils have turned into a necessary wedding accessory as covering the bride’s head with a veil symbolises retaining chastity as a married woman. Today, veils for wedding gowns come in both minimal and decorative forms so that you can mix and match the best kind with your dress. A wedding veil can be worn in several ways. Some brides prefer the veil to go over the face, while others like it flowing from their heads.

Tips to choosing the best veil on your big day

In Australia, the colour white stands for purity and, white veils have become a traditional wedding add-on. Though bridal veils seem like a minimal addition to your wedding attire, they play a vital role in transforming your wedding look. With that said, the wrong choice can be tragic. However, with a broad range of options, picking the right veil becomes challenging. Here are four must-know tips to follow to land on the best choice,

  1. Decide on the length

Bridal veils come in a variety of lengths. From stylish, short-flowing veils to floor touching veils, you will find several lengths and cuts. If you would like to go with minimal veils, birdcage veils are the best bet. These veils fall just below your eye, hardly up to the nose. Alternatively, you can proceed with the next length choice, which will be the shoulder-flowing veil. Both the veils come with a straight cut and no inclines. However, wedge veils come with a V-shaped bottom with folds and tapering. Going down the length line, you have elbow, hip and knee-length veils. Lastly, you will find floor-length veils like chapel length, cathedral length, etc., that give add an extra flowy look.

  1. Choose between the number of tiers

No doubt that tiered bridal veils look better. However, if you want a sleek and lightweight veil, it is better to choose single-tier. Also, if you are going with cathedral and floor-touching veils, tiered veils can turn heavy and discomforting. In such cases, a single-tiered veil makes the best choice. On the flip side, if you have gone minimalistic with your wedding gown, a tiered veil is a worthy investment. With wedding evils, you will usually find up to three tiers. Also, if you want to include a traditional touch in your wedding attire, you can go with tiered veils. For brides who want their face covered for the bride reveal, tiered veils are the only option!

  1. Jumping to the colour

There is no thumb rule that your wedding veil has to be pure white. While many brides blindly chose white veils, you still have several shades of white veils. And the best thing to do is, find the shade that matches your wedding gown. Check out the colour guide if your outfit designer has one. Then, cross-check with the veil to land on a complementing colour. Always try to frame your wedding look beforehand so that there are no colour mismatches.

  1. Consider other factors

Lastly, you will have to consider several personal aspects. As a bride, you will have to consult with your hairstylist before you proceed to buy your wedding veil. Different hairstyles would require distinct placements of veils. And in that case, you might have to narrow down on veil styles. You will also have to consider the length of your wedding gown as it can impact your choices with the veil length. Also, if you are planning to add a heavy headpiece, consider going with a lightweight, lace veil.