How Much Do Laptops Cost? A Complete Guide


Did you know that, as of 2018, 92 percent of households in the United States of America owned at least one type of computer type? There are many options when you start shopping, no matter if you’re looking at computer brand or computer cost. An important part of shopping is knowing your budget and having an idea of how much do laptops cost.

Knowing your options that are within your budget as well as your needs that you’re looking to get out of your computer model is vital for finding the right types of computers for your household’s needs. The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn more about getting the perfect computer model at the right price in 2021.

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Shopping by Computer Brand

One thing to be aware of when you start shopping for your new computer is the best brands on the market. Each computer brand uses its own operating system and you need to know which operating system you favor. The traditional competition is between Windows OS and Mac OS, though Google has entered the fray with Google OS.

Here is a closer look at each computer brand and operating system.


If you’re looking for a laptop or computer that brings a lot of versatility and diversity to the table then you’ll want to take a long look at computers running Windows OS. There are tons of types of computers that run on Windows OS, from HP and Dell to Lenovo.

The quality of these laptops and computers varies based on the type of processor, the storage, and the overall performance. The best laptops and computers that use Windows OS will perform better than Mac OS computers when it comes to speed and memory. That is why Windows laptops make such popular choices for both gaming and business applications.

You also have a ton of options when it comes to the shapes and sizes of computers that use Windows. You’ll have no issues finding a reliable laptop in the traditional form of a clamshell design. There are also great options if you want more advanced technology like a touch screen as well as intel evo laptops.

One of the biggest advantages when it comes to Windows OS computers is that they come in multiple price brackets. This makes it much easier to have peace of mind when you’re looking at how much do laptops cost. The laptops that are on the higher end of the spectrum are the Microsoft Surface, which allows the touch screen to detach from the keyboard and operate as a tablet.

Mac OS

Mac OS is another great option when you’re in the market for a new laptop or computer. Apple is very strict about making sure that all of their products are up to the lofty standards that they’ve set. While you’ll get more customized options from Windows OS, you’ll get a memorable user experience from Mac OS and each Apple product.

This is what helps to make MacBooks and Mac computers some of the easiest computer products to use and learn about on the market. They also come from the same tech ecosystem which is great you’ll have quick and efficient tech support should any issues occur with your Apple products.

You’ll also get a great design that uses quality parts throughout when you choose to go with a Mac laptop or computer. These laptops will look great and you should expect your Mac computer to last you for years to come. The quality and performance are great but they come with a price tag that matches.

One of the great benefits of getting a Mac is that you know that you’re getting great performance. You’ll get fast performance but don’t expect to use your Mac computer for gaming. They don’t come with the best graphics cards compared to Windows OS. You’ll also have a difficult time upgrading the different components of your Mac computer.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS has similarities to both Windows OS and Mac OS but it has other things that set it apart. You’ll love Chrome OS if you’re looking to use different applications and you’re looking for an affordable computer or laptop option. Chrome continues to evolve and it provides a great user experience that will meet all of your needs.

Chrome OS is the main operating system if you’re looking at getting a Chromebook. You’ll find that Chromebooks are a great option when it comes to being cost-effective. These computers don’t have stringent hardware requirements which makes them a great option for use in schools as well as people that want a laptop for browsing the web and doing online shopping.

There are also a variety of options when it comes to power and performance for Chrome laptops. The Pixelbook and Pixelbook Go are great options that provide premium performance comparable to Windows and Mac computers. The Chrome OS has continued to evolve in a way that it now supports Google Play as well as a number of popular Android applications.

If you’re looking for a great laptop option that won’t break the bank or hurt your finances then you should give Chrome OS laptops a long and hard look.

Types of Laptops

There are a number of great options that fall within different categories and price brackets when it comes to how much do laptops cost. Once you set a budget for your computer type it is important that you know the best options for your needs.

Entry-Level Laptops

It is no secret that laptops get expensive, but there are many great options when it comes to shopping for entry-level laptops. These laptops fulfill all of the basic needs that you’d expect a laptop to fill while remaining under $600 to purchase. These are great options for someone that isn’t knowledgeable about computers or wants a laptop for online shopping and internet browsing.

They’re built to be reliable and to last a long time, which is great given the price. One thing to remember is that entry-level laptops often are lacking when it comes to memory and performance. They’ll still perform well but there are limits to what they can do when compared to premium options.

You’ll find that Chromebooks dominate this part of the laptop market, along with other companies like Acer that use Windows OS.

Mainstream Laptops

If you’re looking for a cost-effective laptop then odds are that you’ll find what you’re looking for in the mainstream laptop category. These laptops range from $650 to $1,500 in price and they come with much better hardware than entry-level laptops. This is a sweet spot in the computer industry because it provides most computer users with everything that they’ll need.

These laptops come with great displays that are perfect for streaming and enjoying all of your favorite content online. They also come with powerful processors that can handle running multiple applications at one time and even running large games. You’ll also find that these laptops bring impressive battery life to the table so they’re perfect for working on the go.

There are plenty of great laptops that run on Windows OS that fall under the mainstream laptops umbrella. Dell and HP are the two dominant computer brands when it comes to producing useful and powerful mainstream laptops for a reasonable price.

Premium Laptops

There are also plenty of great premium laptops that are available on the market. These laptops fall under a price bracket that starts at $1,500 and works its way up. They might cost more, but you’ll gain even better battery life from your laptop along with a much more powerful processor. These laptops are also smaller and more sleek compared to mainstream and entry-level laptops.

You’ll notice that the screen and display are much more clear and crisp, while the internal hardware allows for a quick and seamless user experience. There are multiple screen sizes to choose from, with 13-inch and 15-inch screens as the most popular options within this segment.

There are many great options when it comes to computer brands, like Dell laptop computers and Lenovo laptop computers. These are great options if you plan to do business or gaming on your laptop.

If you’re wanting to get an Apple product for your next laptop then there are plenty of options to choose from there, as well. There is the MacBook Pro, which is the top-of-the-line option when it comes to Mac OS. There is also the MacBook Air, which is looked at as the most cost-effective option when it comes to Apple computer products.

Now You Know How Much Do Laptops Cost

Purchasing a laptop is a big investment for many people, which means that it is important that you know how much do laptops cost. There are many brands that have products in different price brackets, from entry-level to premium types of computers. Do your research so that you know your needs and can find the best computer model at the right computer cost.

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