India’s perfect authentic Coffee Brand


It is impossible to love a cup of delicious and aromatic coffee. Coffee is a special type of drink that is developed from the roasted seeds of coffee plants. It is a beverage that can easily lift up your mood, and when you need one all you need to do is google search “coffee near me” and it shows you all the options for you to pick from.

Coffee is a drink that is obtained by roasting and then grinding the coffee beans. Coffee contains a good amount of caffeine that works as a refresher. The taste and aroma of this drink depend on the extracting methods and also the quality of those beans.

You may also like different types of coffees at different times, seasons or moods. India is a country that can grow a few types of rich coffees to meet the different types of expectations of the different coffee lovers.

Characteristics of good coffee depend on its aroma, bitterness, aftertaste, fat contents, quality of the beans, and some other features. In India, you can easily find several different types of perfect coffee brands such as:

The Araku coffee

If you wish for higher quality and biodegradable coffee, you can easily search for this Indian brand. The Adivasi farmers of Araku valley carefully select the coffee beans and brew this unique drink.

Last year, in Paris Araku coffee also won the Prix Epicures gold medal for its specialty. In India, this brand offers four types of delicious coffees.

Koinonia coffee

In Koinonia, near Mumbai, you can find this specially made coffee. In this case, the beans are hand-roasted and one of its really popular variants is Marvahulla.

There you can also get cask-aged coffee, where the coffee beans are only roasted after being aged in whisky barrels.

The Flying Squirrel

It is a brand that is Bengaluru based and was started by a third-generation coffee farmer and an advertising executive. This brand offers 11 different types of brews including seasonal coffees. A very popular coffee in this list is Panama with a hint of chocolate.

Black Baza

This coffee is completely shade-grown, including Arabica and Robusta beans, and also a blend of both of these with distinctive flavors. In those flavors, you may get to taste fruity flavors, dark chocolate flavor, and many more.


This brand that is Coorg based produces one of the really costly coffees in the world. In this, the coffee fruits are ingested by civet cats and after that excreted, then the beans are collected and processed.

Halli Berri

This is a family-owned estate of coffee situated in Karnataka and thus run by four Karippa women. Here the coffee is grown under the shade while the cherries are picked by hand. This brand of coffee is completely Arabica and carries a flavor of honeydew.

Blue Tokai

Here you will get freshly roasted coffee within the range of light to dark. They sell coffee beans which you can grind and make your own drink.

Thus, these famous coffee brands of India can really amaze you with their exclusive taste, if want a quick and effective refresher.