What is a G Suite Partner, And How Can It Help Your Business?


Employees working in the cloud is the new norm. There are many employees who recently changed their jobs and have been working from home since day one without getting to personally interact with any of their colleagues.

The cloud workplace is the new trend in many corporations, and many CEOs have supported the unique working style as a convenient way of working after two years of experience.

Most corporations use the G Suite cloud service, and their employees are connected through the service applications. Many companies seek guidance and service from a G Suite partner in India as well.

So, what is a G Suite? What are the benefits of having a G Suite Partner?

G Suite consists of many applications that help employees connect and do their job in the office or remotely.

This solution provides two things for your business:

  • Gmail account for each of your employees
  • A suite of office software for the organization

The applications/tools you get with the G Suite are:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Drive
  • Meet
  • Forms

These tools/applications are the core part of the G Suite, and you’ll get other smaller tools and functions as you continue using the platform.

G Suite is different from Gmail, as it is a paid solution for companies, unlike Gmail (free). G Suite has no limits regarding access to the applications and storage facilities, unlike a normal Google account. It gives the entire firm access to Gmail accounts and the suite of office products.

This method is great for the admin for controlling the data and monitoring the work regularly. It is one of the simplest software solutions for the employees, as everyone is familiar with Google products.

Employees who are familiar with Google products will always prefer working with the tools connected to Google. Working with the tools/applications will benefit everyone and create sync in the day-to-day functions of each member.

If you plan to move your business to G Suite, you must consult a G Suite partner in India immediately. The G Suite partners are highly skilled and recognized by Google.

Many corporations deal directly with Google, but it is not that easy though. Google’s replies and services are a bit slow and inaccessible sometimes. And it is very unlikely for you to get to talk to a Google employee to solve your issue. That’s why the G Suite partners are important to you.

There are various benefits of hiring a G Suite partner, and above that, you’ll get personalized service from your local partner.

The benefits of hiring the partner are:

  • Support at the local level
  • Dealing with the same support team every time
  • Certified G Suite staff
  • IT support 24×7
  • You’ll be updated with new features of G Suite

Having a local G Suite partner in India is a great advantage to the corporation. It eliminates the need for sending lots of emails and messages to Google, and you get a well-trained local-level G Suite partner.

Finding the right/genuine partner will tremendously increase the ease of getting things done. You can call them 24×7 tech support and guidance.

These are the advantages/benefits of having a local G Suite partner. Get a G Suite partner, run your business smoothly.