How to Develop a Marketing Strategy for Your Mobile App

Marketing Strategy for Mobile App

Apps are great and are designed to solve most of our queries. A myriad of new and great apps are being made every day. Creating a quality app with little to no glitches ensures that users will have a smooth time using the app. A great product is inconsequential if it does not reach the intended audience. Below are some marketing strategies that you can use for your mobile app;

1.  Target Audience and User Personas

Target audience means the market you are creating the app for. Doing proper research will help you identify and provide a solution to your intended market. You can create a focus group that thoroughly studies which blogs, websites, and influencers your prospective audience visit. You then use these sites to help you advertise your app to potential users.

The influencers have built a rapport and trust with their audience, so an endorsement from them is a sure way to get people to download and try out your app. An efficient user persona will help you understand the potential users’ expectations, preferred operating system, and whether they make in-app purchases or not. This information will help steer your marketing strategy in the right direction.

2.  Release Date

There is a lot of work that goes on between when you send your app to an app store and when it is available for download. To ensure that there is no disparity and that your launch date is correct, research how long a particular app store will take to review your app. This information will help you set an appropriate launch date. Invest in proper research on any events happening around your launch date to help promote your mobile app.

Keep an eye on the events that may obscure your launch date and reduce the buzz around your app. Launch dates strategies for start-ups and small businesses differ. Finding effective advertisements such as blogs and word of mouth at an affordable rate is crucial for small businesses. If you have a more established company and want to launch other apps, you can market to the users who already use your other apps or try influencer marketing.

3.  Competitive Analysis

By getting an analysis of your competitors’ apps, you can make your app the most preferred choice for users. Go through the critical reviews on your competitors’ apps and use the information to ensure your app does not have the fields the users are complaining about. Learning about the competition in the market will enable you to gauge how your app will fair when launched. Ensure you do not repeat any of your predecessors’ mistakes and shortcomings.

4.  App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization works pretty much the same way SEOs work. They use keywords to help your app become more visible to potential users, thus directing organic traffic to your app at no cost. Using strategic keywords will help propel your ranking on a particular app store.

5.  Retention Rate

After successfully getting loyal users for your app, you need to check how long the users stay active. Low retention rates mean that your app may need some improvements or fixes. Mailing lists effectively inform the apps users of offers and any app updates. Mail marketing helps to retain more users, thus increasing revenue.

6.  Social Media

After figuring out the specifics of your target audience, you can use the appropriate social media platforms to promote your mobile app. You can create videos and post them in paths where your potential users will likely see them. Make sure you add a link that allows an interested party to download the app quickly.

7.  Landing Page or Website

Having an app website ensures that new users can read more about how your app works, ask questions and give reviews. You can maintain traffic by posting regular blogs with specific keywords. These keywords help to increase your SEO ranking. A landing page needs a clear call to action that includes direct links to your app. Guest post blogs will help you get backlinks and promote your mobile app to their readers.

For a new app, diverse marketing strategies are a great way to breach into a new market. Depending on what your app is about, you can choose which advertisement medium will best attract users. Engaging users by responding to reviews and fixing common problems will increase downloads and set a great stage for subsequent apps.