Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in China

PCB Manufacturers in China

Well, PCB is really popular and you might have heard for sure about this. But, are you aware of who is the best manufacturers of PCB? Let us see more about the Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in China here in detail today. You might be very much aware of PCBASIC, one of the top-rated PCB Manufacturers in China. But, in every field, that each and every individual will check for the alternative. Such that, you should be aware of the top 10 best alternatives to PCBasic and now we shall learn more about the Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in China.

Holding a factory in Shenzhen, PCBWay made the dominance of being the best PCB manufacturers in China in a short span of time. Advanced PCB Manufacturing, PCB Prototype, Custom PCB Design and Manufacturing, SMD-Stencil as well as PCB Assembly are their most notable services. Being the experts in SMT PCB assembly they handle 28000 SMD Components per hour. Yes, that is really amazing and maintaining high-speed support and quality services.

  • A-Tech Circuits

Like as PCBWay – Shenzhen city is blessed with other PCB Manufacturers called A-Tech Circuits. Basically, A-Tech Circuits handles fast PCB Prototype, PCB Assembly Services as well as Small to Medium volume PCB Manufacturing and the top-rated manufacturers in China.

  • Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd

Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd is yet another top-rated PCB Manufacturering company in China. Offering Special PCB Material Printed Circuit Boards, High-Density Board, as well as High Multilayer PCB. Even more, they are capable of Manufacture Printed Circuit Boards, as well as Procure Electronic Components.

  • PCBGoGo

PCBGoGo offers a dedicated full-service PCB Prototype and all the PCB requirements. Well, as in the industry for around 10 years and being a reputed manufacturer, they hold quality as their trademark to be the best manufacturers in China. As they have made excellence in providing services over Military, Medicine, Commercial, Aerospace as well as in industrial sectors by the best.


By holding advanced factories in Shenzhen and Huizhou SUNGHOM made their excellence in PCB & PCB Assembly Services. HDI PCB, RF & Microwave PCB as well as Rigid-flex PCB are their notable services offerings.

  • Agile Circuit

Agile Circuit, a full-fledged PCB Manufacturing company offering the best PCB Assembly Services. Also do offers Flexible FPC, High-frequency PCB and also, Quick turn PCB in terms of PCB Manufacturing. Well in terms of PCB Assembly, SMT Stencils, PCB Turnkey, Reverse Engineering, and more.

  • HuanYu Future Technologies

Being the top-rated PCB Manufacturers in China, the contribution of HuanYu Future Technologies is the notable one. Mainly concentrating in the areas of manufacturing of 2-14 layer PCB Prototype, Thick Copper PCB, HDI PCB, Multilayer PCB, as well as Metal Core MCPCB.

  • Shenzhen Mincom Technic

Shenzhen Mincom Technic is considered the most popular PCB Manufacturering company in China. In terms of maintaining quality production, fast product, and the services in terms of Standard PCB, HDI PCBs and also Advanced PCB really doing extraordinary.

  • ChinaPCBOne

ChinaPCBOne is a reputed and most popular PCB manufacturer and in terms of Turn-key PCB Assembly Services, Multi-layer PCB Manufacturing, as well as for PCB Prototype, ChinaPCBOne contribution is a notable one.


In terms of cheap PCB Prototype Production, SMT Stencil Services and for PCB Assembly ALLPCB is considered as the best choice.

A lot of manufacturers are doing their best in their business and hope you found the top 10. You can learn more about the SMT Stencil, PCB Assembly, and moreover, find more informative electronic news and stories soon here with us in the upcoming days.