8 Foods to Improve Fertility in Men

8 Foods to Improve fertility in men

Fertility issues can occur to anyone and have been a matter of worry since ancient times. But due to the current technological advancements it is no more a misfortune to be concerned about. A person’s fertility is impacted by various factors and food intake also being one of them. There are certain foods considered better than others to improve fertility in males. Let’s have a look.

What are the common male fertility issues?

Infertility is not uncommon these days, It can occur in various ways and some of the most common ways are listed down:-

  1. Low sperm count
  2. Any physical barriers in the sperm delivery
  3. Immobility of sperms
  4. Problems in the complete development of sperm

Other factors responsible for causing infertility issues in a male body may occur due to lifestyle,  illness, any type of injury, there are few familiar symptoms some men may experience :

  1. Lower sperm count than the normal
  2. Any chromosomal dysfunction or lesser growth of hair on the body parts and face
  3. Any type of inflammation, pain or injury in the exterior reproductive organs.
  4. Low libido, lesser amount of sexual desire leading to difficulty in ejaculating
  5. Smaller volume of semen during ejaculation
  6. Abnormality seen the growth of male breast
  7. Frequent infection in the respiratory system and hyposmia

Some risk factors leading to this infertility include :

  1. Use of any illegal drugs
  2. Binge Alcoholism
  3. Consumption of Tobacco
  4. Chain smoking
  5. Undergoing any treatment for serious illness or chemo or radiation therapy
  6. Having serious disease or sickness like cancer, chronic illness and sickle cell disease
  7. Consumption of any toxic substances
  8. Having a history of a certain disease or infection
  9. Family history of infertility
  10. Any injury in the testicles
  11. History of pelvic surgery or vasectomy
  12. Improper positioning of testicles at the time of birth

Foods to improve fertility in male

  • Seafood – Seafood-rich diet has been found to help in reducing the time required to conceive. It is speculated that seafood has positive effects on semen quality.


  • Pumpkin seeds – Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterol, which helps in improving sperm count and fertility. Omega 3 fatty acids in the seeds help increase the volume of semen.

Pumpkin seeds

Dark green leafy veggies

  • Dark chocolates – Dark chocolates contain the amino acid L Arginine Hydrochloride which helps to improve sperm count and sperm volume.

Dark chocolates

  • Walnuts – In a small study, a group of men who consumed walnuts regularly for 12 weeks experienced improvements in sperm vitality after the time period. They contain helpful fats which help in the membrane formation of the sperm, while the arginine increases sperm count.


  • Bananas – Vitamins in bananas – Vitamin A, B1, C – these help in improving sperm health.


  • Eggs – Protein rich eggs help to increase sperm count.


  • Fenugreek extract – Fenugreek has been shown to improve physiological libido, arousal and improve orgasms.

Fenugreek extract

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