Renoir’s Focus On the Human Form

Renoir's Focus On the Human Form

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was one of the best painters from the Impressionist era. Born in France, Pierre always had an interest in singing and drawing. Due to financial constraints, he was unable to pursue formal education and ended up in the field of art at a young age.

Early into his career, he showed passion and skills which helped him make friends in the fraternity sooner. Renoir had a penchant for working on human beings and their emotions. He played around with colors, settings, occasions but always used humans to elevate the depiction on the canvas. His unique vision and creation were initially heavily criticized and rejected by his salon that led him to start his exhibit along with his friends.

A Legend

There are a few paintings that made Renoir popular in the art circles, though much later than it should have. To name a few paintings that focused on the human form, are “Luncheon of The Boating Party”, “Dance at The Moulin De La Galette”, among others. Let us look at some of his famous artwork that accentuated humans on the canvas and made these paintings a classic.

Luncheon of The Boating Party

This painting is a perfect example of life in France in the late 19th century. Free from social conventions and away from the formal older generations, it creates a spontaneous sense of energy and positive vibe for the viewers as well as the models involved in the painting. Most importantly, it captures human emotions and how they interact with each other.

Luncheon of The Boating Party

Notice the combination of yellow hats with white vests for men and dark blue clothes for the women. It depicts a care-free environment where people shed their inhibitions and enjoy an evening at the party. This entire set of people were model-friends of Renoir that made this piece even special. The canvas also has a model called Aline Charigot, whom Renoir married a decade later.

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Dance At The Moulin De La Galette

Many artists have used the human form on their artwork to provide a context to the painting. Barring the portraits, you will hardly find the kind of detailing that an artist does on the characters, on a canvas, especially, if there are many of them at once. Renoir’s focus on the human form has been razor-sharp and very contextual.

Dance At The Moulin De La Galette

Similar to the Luncheon artwork, this one captures how the working class spends time together socializing on a Sunday. The dark suits and matching hats go hand in hand with the white gowns worn by the women. Dancing, chatting in closed groups, eating, drinking, has been well captured and summarized on the canvas.

You should consider bringing this painting home to decorate your living room. It has a vibe of the youth of France from the 19th century. The painting will bring positive energy to your house and will help strengthen the bond between your friends and you. If you live alone, it will help you remind yourself that taking time out for some socializing is always a good idea!


If ever there is a mention of Renoir’s artwork, it has to include the mention of this beautiful, aesthetic painting called “Umbrellas”. It is considered one of the cornerstone pieces of work created in the impressionist era. What makes it outstanding is the way the artist has captured the humans, on a rainy day in Paris, which is near realistic.


The dark brushstrokes of blue and black, matching light blue umbrellas capture the upper-class Parisian society of the 19th century. While other human beings are shown conducting their daily lives, two characters look right into the canvas as if someone was taking a shot on a professional camera. If Instagram was a thing back then, this picture would have been “Instagood”.

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By now you have understood how Renoir focused on human forms in his artwork to bring out the social context and the way of life back in the day. You should consider looking at the famous Pierre Auguste Renoir paintings and bring some masterpieces home to infuse positivity and synergy among your family members.

A good way to go about this task is to look at the customer reviews and decide what canvas size and type work for you best. Most of Pierre Auguste Renoir’s artwork is about Parisian life and it is said that Paris is always a good idea, even in the form of art.