Tips to Choose a Suitable Paving for Your Garden


Selecting appropriate paving for your garden is very important. There are many options in the market, so choosing one is tricky. There’s a lot you need to consider before purchasing garden paving, like the purpose of the project, your budget, and the style of your home. You can utilise paving over membrane solutions like screw jack pedestals. These are stable, maintenance-free, and easy to install. Keep reading to know the factors you should consider when choosing paving for your garden.

Assess the Purpose of Your Project

It is the first thing you should do before choosing a paving solution. Find what’s the purpose of your project. Maybe you are re-laying the existing patio or overhauling your driveway or garden path. If you are designing your garden again, you can select any paving according to your taste. If you desire to add a garden path to the existing layout, ensure it coordinates well with the existing design and colour palette.

Assess Your Budget

The budget is directly proportional to the size of the garden project. If you have a big area or a zone that people frequent, you need to consider the expenses in the long term. It would help if you also thought of the initial installation cost. There’s no use in picking cheap products for your paving as they will only lead you to bear more expenses later on. The garden paving stays outdoors in all weathers, so check that the product you invest in can withstand the weather changes.

Consider the Style of Your House

If you have an ultra-modern home style, you should avoid things like rustic cobbles. Likewise, a conventional red brick building will not be in harmony with sleek and modern slate paving. You can get some inspiration from the houses in your neighbourhood or go online and find images that suit the style of your home.

There are many possibilities for designs, colours, and finishes. A new driveway or patio can indeed be a considerable investment, so it’s crucial for you to deeply research the options you have for your garden before making the final decision.

Should You Use Decking and Paver Supports?

Supports can rescue you from the painstaking task of levelling a surface by digging a surface level, laying cement, or installing various posts for lumbar support. They rest on the underlying hard surface, and you only have to make a tiny adjustment to bring the support to the needed height. Like a flat roof, do you need to create a floating surface area that cannot penetrate below underlying membranes? If so, you can look into risers that feature protective rubber mats to rest. There is significantly less probability of scratching a waterproof layer.

The support pedestals are very light when compared to the conventional post supports. Thus, they are easy and safe to manage, particularly in high locations.

Paving over a membrane, like a screw jack pedestal, can be used as a decking pedestal or an adjustable beam support system. You can adjust their height up to 1021 mm. Using it, you can erect level flooring, pavers, and decking on gradients up to 5 per cent.

Keep in mind the above points to make a sound decision to choose suitable paving for any garden project.