A Guide to Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Photographs – A human practice of capturing the best moments of our lives. A piece to cherish forever. A way of making those perfect times stay. An ideal photograph is what you need to put a bright smile on your face. A Photo album means more photographs, meaning more smiles.

Be it a wedding occasion or a birthday party. You can buy photo albums online to immortalise your favourite memories forever.

This article will guide you through different types of photo albums that you can buy online from the comfort of your home.

Types of Photo Albums

You can choose to bind your memories in different shapes and sizes through different types of photo albums. Let’s look at some of the most popular kinds of photo albums.

Traditional Photo Albums

If you ever want to keep your photographs unwithered for decades to come, then this is the perfect photo album for you. Traditional photo albums are made out of acid-free pages, which means that your photographs wouldn’t deteriorate over time.

A traditional photo album provides you with a vintage look since it is book-bound and has pages of different lengths. These photo albums also have a glassine interleaf to protect your photographs from wear and tear.

Slip-in Photo Albums

These photo albums have clear plastic pockets through which photographs slide into the top or bottom. You can see the other side of the picture from the back of the page in these albums.

Slip-in photo albums also provide you variety of shapes and sizes. The size range is usually from 6×4 inches to A4 size. These albums also have a memo area where you pen down different notes regarding your photographs.

Flip Photo Albums

Flip photo albums are a modernised version of slip-in photo albums. Unlike a traditional slip-in photo album, these albums consist of a hardcover. Multiple holders are attached in two columns where photographs are placed.

Why the name flip photo albums? Because you can put photographs in the plastic pockets from either side.

Adhesive Photo Albums

As the name suggests, these photo albums have a sticky page accompanied by a plastic pullback sheet over them. The sheet pulls back from the side of the page and is replaced by positioning the sheet over the photographs once they have been placed.

One downside of these albums is that it is impossible to reposition the photographs once placed.

Photo Album Glossary

You should be familiar with some terms to buy photo albums online. Knowing these terms will help you understand the different specifications of photo albums.


Glassine is a fragile, smooth paper that is water-resistant. It protects your photographs from wear and tear.

Book Bound

That means the pages in the album are stitched and glued together into a spine. It provides extra protection to the pages. If an album is not book bound, then it is glue posted.


That means the album’s pages have a ph level of less than 7. These pages are made by removing the acid pulp from the sheets.

Final Words

Humans are social beings, and as social beings, you will make several memories in your lifetime. A photo album helps you encapsulate those memories in different shapes, forms, and sizes.

You can keep looking at those digital photographs on your smartphones, but nothing beats a touch of the hand. In an era where photos disappear at the swipe of a finger, a photo album provides a sense of permanence and calm.