All About Explosion Proof Lighting for Hazardous Locations


Whether in an industrial or office setting, lighting is an essential element that makes work easier. There’s barely much you can do in a dark room or space, let alone the accidents which are likely to occur. While choosing the right lighting fixture, you need to consider variables such as your location.

For example, standard lighting may not be ideal for hazardous areas since they emit much heat to ignite a fire. If you run an industry or any site with a high concentration of combustible particles in the air, explosion proof work light may be what you need. The following explains what explosion-proof lighting is and how it works.

What is explosion-proof lighting?

These are lighting fixtures specially designed to illuminate hazardous locations without causing any fire outbreaks. In this context, any area with combustible materials in the air: gas (ethanol, natural gas), dust (coal, grain), or even fiber, is a dangerous place. If you work in such environments, the law requires you to use special lighting equipment that reduces the risk of igniting any flammable material.

Most people use the terms explosion-proof and intrinsically safe interchangeable, but the two words have different meanings. While both lightings are certified for hazardous locations, they have different approaches. Explosion-proof lights are designed to prevent the entry of explosive materials inside the fixture, which can trigger an internal explosion. On the other hand, intrinsically safe lights carry low current levels to avoid sparks that can ignite flammable materials.

Explosion-proof lights also emit less heat, and they have heat-saving features. Unlike standard lighting fixtures, they consume less power, saving on electricity charges. Besides being cost-effective, their ability to produce less heat means that they do not have sparks that can ignite flammable vapor in the surrounding.

They also don’t contain substances such as mercury and lead, which can leak when the light gets damaged. Besides the leakage, these substances are toxic and harmful to the environment. Therefore, explosion-proof light fixtures allow you to be eco-friendly.

How do explosion-proof lights work?

The design of explosion-proof lights prevents the explosive atmosphere from entering the enclosure. Because of this, these lights contain a strong, durable, and non-sparking thick glass covering the bulb. The enclosure of explosion-proof lights is strong enough to withstand any physical trauma and internal pressure. Usually, the case is made out of aluminium or other sturdy material such as steel.

Unlike standard lighting fixtures, explosion-proof lights are encased in a thick frame to limit their exposure to the atmosphere. Since the bulbs, contacts, and wires in traditional lighting fixtures are exposed to the environment, the heat from the bulb or a spark from the wire is enough to cause an explosion.

The durability of ex-proof lights is also higher than standard lighting equipment. Due to the sturdy materials they are built from; they are suited for a harsh working environment. Therefore, explosion-proof lighting lasts longer than standard lighting, making them ideal for industrial settings. You do not have to worry about the expenses of replacing your light fixtures since they will last you a long time. They are therefore cost-effective since they help reduce lighting operating costs.

Explosion-proof lights are made from strong materials, making them resistant to vibrations or any forceful impact. Because of this, you can transport the light fixtures from one place to the other with a reduced risk of damage. Standard lighting fixtures lack extra mobility, and even the slightest movement can cause them to break.

Businesses that require mobile operations also benefit from explosion-proof lighting. They also comprise portable light which you can carry from one place to the other. For example, if a worker needs to clean or inspect a gas tank, they have to light it since it is dark inside. While lighting the tank, the operator should also beware of their safety since an empty tank may contain combustible gases. Since inside a tank is a hazardous location, the personnel needs to have the appropriate lighting fixture to reduce the chances of igniting a fire.

Besides complying with the law, explosion-proof lighting benefits your workers and other personnel from explosions. Therefore, it is essential to use the appropriate lighting fixtures if you work in a hazardous location. With so many stores that sell lighting fixtures, you may wonder which one to choose from. The good news is that Phoenix Lighting has all your lighting requirements.