Do’s And Don’ts After A Bicycle Accident


The period after your accident is very crucial, and what you say or do decides whether you will get your compensation or not. A victim has to be very careful while talking to their insurance company, as they might try to pass your claim or reduce the compensation amount. 

A victim of a bicycle accident is advised to get medical assistance immediately after the accident and not to speak with anyone until their attorney has asked them to do so. Lawyers have the proper understanding of the law, and what has to be said and done after an accident is best known to them. To get fair compensation, get in touch with injury attorneys Huntington Beach

What to do after a bicycle accident? 

  • Get medical assistance and take photographs of your injuries and other damages. 

Getting medical attention is your priority; medical reports and bills will help you prove your argument. Moreover, taking pictures of your injuries can help you confirm that the injuries were due to the accident. 

  • Make sure you get a report from the police officer. 

You should note down the accident report number; an official report will prove your innocence and help you with compensation. Moreover, being a bicyclist, the officer may ignore your statement; you have to ensure that you give your statement and mention every minor injury. 

  • Try to document the accident site and collect as much evidence as possible. 

Looking out for surveillance cameras or getting eyewitnesses will help you strengthen your case. 

  • Get in touch with a lawyer. 

A lawyer will guide you on what has to be said and done after an accident. It is advised not to speak with anyone before getting in touch with a lawyer. 

What not to do after a bicycle accident? 

  • Do not negotiate with the at-fault party yourself. 

You may not know the extent of injuries, but negotiating at the accident site can get an unfair settlement amount. 

  • Do not commit your fault. 

Do not ever say that ” It was my fault.” Insurance companies will use such words against you, and you may not receive compensation. 

  • Do not say, “I am fine.” 

In the heat of the accident, the body releases adrenaline(fight or flight hormones), which may prevent the victim from feeling pain at that time. But, later, the victim may suffer. Therefore, until a doctor diagnoses you, do not say anything. 

  • Do not commit any injuries you have sustained or are not sure about. 

If you say that you have whiplash or any other injury, the insurance company may get deeper into the issue, and if you are not diagnosed with that injury, your claim might be denied.