Top 3 Online Trading Platforms in 2022

Online Trading Platforms

Whether you are just contemplating trading as a possible way of increasing your income or already have some hands-on experience, it’s never a bad idea to take a bird’s eye view of what the market can offer you. Online trading platforms are the portal through which you enter the world of trading. There is a plethora of those readily available, but not so many can be trusted.

In this article, we will share with you a top 3 list of online trading platforms to choose from in 2022. The rating is based on the following criteria:

  • regulatory compliance
  • global availability
  • trading feeds
  • minimum initial deposit
  • securities available
  • ease of use
  • analytical tools.


For those looking for the best trading platform India specific solutions and European traders alike, FBS has long become the platform of choice. This is for a good reason. With over 10 years of experience in the market, FBS has been able to retain around 80% of its customers, which is indicative of truly exceptional service.


The key advantage of FBS is impeccable regulatory compliance across countries and regions. The set of services offered may differ depending on where you are, which helps exclude potential liability. FBS has a strong presence in over a hundred and fifty countries and has a big user community as well as a highly professional support team working around the clock.


FBS offers great terms financially, including leverage of as much as 1:30. This makes it possible for traders who aren’t prepared to invest heavily to reap the benefits of their decisions. The platform enables greater profit with its flexible plans and informative analytics.

While being fully legal under the legislation of each and every company that it operates in, FBS ensures fast withdrawal of funds as well as depositing. It’s our highest recommendation overall for both beginner traders and those with experience.


Another well-known and well-reputed platform among traders, Fidelity stands out by offering 0% fees on the management of four mutual funds. With no account fees or the lowest investment threshold for retail brokerage accounts or IRAs, it’s definitely worth your attention if you are interested in diversity. It supports a wide range of investment tools, including bonds, options, forex, and CDs. Unfortunately for some traders, the range doesn’t include futures.

The platform’s robo-adviser, Fidelity Go, is another valuable addition to its scope of services. Unfortunately, fees are rather high when it comes to managed positions or trades involving a broker. You’ll also need to pay the cost of lengthy account registration for legal compliance.

TD Ameritrade

A truly large trading platform with a variety of 0% fee trading instruments to choose from, TD Ameritrade is rightly proud of its analytical tools as well as educational resources. You are likely to find its interface somewhat overwhelming and difficult to master, but we definitely recommend it if the information is your priority No. 1.

What Makes a Great Trading Platform

The platform you trade on largely determines your experience as an investor. It’s the environment that provides you with context and, ideally, informs your decisions without being obnoxious in terms of data presentation.

Users across the globe appreciate features such as a straightforward interface that’s easy to navigate and is paired with powerful analytics, low trading fees, and compliance with regional as well as international regulations. Flexibility in terms of the lowest acceptable deposit is also a valuable feature. A customizable and highly accessible platform such as FBS makes trading a lot less demanding and opens a lot of doors for you.

We encourage you to try a platform from this list if you haven’t already; it may change your overall trading experience beyond expectations.