What Do You Need to Know About Chromium Picolinate in Fat Burning Supplements?

Chromium Picolinate

While embarking on a weight loss journey, you might have researched diet plans, workout routines, and supplements to boost the process. When reading the ingredient list of your supplements, you might have come across chromium picolinate and would be curious to understand its role.

Fat-burning supplements contain a range of ingredients that ease the weight loss journey. One such ingredient is chromium picolinate, which reduces your appetite and boosts metabolism. Brands like EHPlabs supplements ensure to add this essential mineral in their weight loss supplements as it is very effective.

This post talks about the significance of chromium picolinate in fat-burning supplements. Read on!

How do Fat-Burning Supplements work?

Fat-burning supplements come in all forms – pills, gummies, powders, and teas. These supplements are often advertised with a promise that you can lose a few inches without a balanced diet or exercise. Although, you may wonder, do they actually work?

With the weight loss supplement industry growing steadily with $6.5 billion worth in 2020, it certainly affects people.

Fat-burning supplements do not have drastic effects. However, they do play a role in helping you get back to shape. How? They include herbs and ingredients that manage weight. One such ingredient is chromium picolinate.

Chromium Picolinate in Weight Loss Supplements

The ingredient commonly found in weight loss supplements, chromium picolinate, is a mineral. This mineral enhances insulin that boosts the process of conversion of food to energy.

In this way, chromium picolinate helps you burn more calories quickly. The mineral lowers your appetite, so you do not have cravings. This miraculous mineral also cuts down your body fat and boosts muscle mass.

While taking chromium picolinate, you must ensure that you take the advisable amount. That is because a higher amount of the ingredient may have adverse effects.

Is It Effective?

As chromium picolinate plays a crucial role in eating behaviour and nutrient metabolism, many studies have found it effective.

In 9 different studies, researchers analyzed about 622 overweight or obese individuals consuming 1,000 μg/day of chromium picolinate. They observed a weight loss of 1.1 kg over 12 to 16 weeks.

The research concluded that chromium picolinate indeed had a role in weight loss. Although, the effects were negligible.

So, if you want your weight loss supplement to be beneficial, you must accompany it with a diet plan and regular exercise.

Is it Safe to Take Chromium Picolinate Daily?

Absolutely! It is safe to take chromium picolinate daily. Although, you would have to check the amounts of the mineral you consume. Large amounts of the mineral may not get processed well in your body as the research found chromium picolinate benefits a lot.

During the process, a harmful molecule called hydroxyl radicals may be produced. Hence, it is advisable to take suggested amounts of chromium picolinate in your diet.

The recommended amount is 35 μg/day for adult men and 25 μg/day for adult women. If one is older than 50, the intake may be slightly reduced to 30 μg/day and 20 μg/day for men and women, respectively.

Wrapping Up

Chromium picolinate in weight loss supplements is an essential component that shows effectiveness with consistent usage. The mineral helps quicken the process of conversion of food to energy and reduces your appetite to avoid cravings. It would be best to purchase fat-burning supplements from reputed brands such as EHPlabs supplements and see the results within weeks!

So, after learning about the miraculous mineral chromium picolinate, are you keen on adding it to your diet?