With More Than 21 Lacs of Business Listings, FINNDIT Aims At Making Search For Local Services Easier

Finndit Local Search

Finndit, as the name depicts, is a business search engine. Almost everyone, at least in the cities, uses the internet to find various services, stores, shops, information, etc. Naturally, if one wants to look for the kind of businesses and services around his/her neighbourhood, the internet is the way to go. Finndit is one such platform that has over 21 lacs of business listings on its platform and chances are, you will end up finding what you are looking for.

Finndit is a search engine that focuses on local marketplaces and small and medium scale ventures. India is a massive place for digitally unorganised MSMEs. These tiny business establishments are spread across the country like a web. They are able to penetrate even the most remote regions of our country. Gathering these in one place is a challenging task but a rewarding one too. Finndit has trained professionals that work tirelessly to bring local vendors on the platform so that the users don’t have to look anywhere else to find what they need.

Established in 2020, Finndit has grown at an exponential pace. To have over 21 lacs of businesses on the platform within 2 years is no mean feat. This, in itself, is a testament to the necessity and quality of service offered by Finndit. The platform has not only helped businesses to flourish and expand but also the users, who are able to search for anything sitting in the comfort of their homes. These services ease up the entire search process a lot and help small vendors to make their businesses discoverable by a large audience.

Keeping in mind the behaviour of modern internet users, Finndit is available as an app for Android and iOS which could be easily downloaded into a smartphone and used anywhere. Alternatively, if you are a laptop or a PC person, Finndit has a detailed website that is easy to navigate. There are over 1,900 business subcategories listed on the website. You could set filters or search via shortlisting the categories and easily find what you are looking for. You simply need to enter your location and the businesses listed on the platform around that area will appear.

The range of companies listed on the platform is massive. This includes things like medical clinics, local departmental stores, stationery shops, automobile shops, mechanics, gyms, restaurants, hotels, wedding arrangements, event management, pet shops, sports shops, couriers, banquets, jewellery, playschool and much more. Filtering through these will surely give you the desired results.

The platform is growing at a rapid pace. There are more and more cities and towns being added to the platform so as to establish a dense network that encompasses almost all the stores in any given locality. With more and more people experiencing cheap internet and affordable smartphones, digital development is taking place massively. People would want services like these for any new place they move to. Finndit will help people save a lot of time by showing the businesses nearby along with the contact details and working hours of the business.