Successful B2B Inbound Marketing with LinkedIn Ads and Lead Magnets

LinkedIn Lead Magnets

Lead magnets as a part of successful content marketing are a promising inbound marketing strategy. When seeded on business platforms like LinkedIn, you can make use of these methods to gain promising business partners by providing your target audience with relevant information and content.

How to Create Successful B2B Inbound Marketing

Creating a good lead magnet and successful inbound marketing is challenging, but not impossible. If you don’t know where to start, the digital growth services for startups & SMEs on are a great offer. They have the expertise and professional insight to figure out which content is relevant to your target group and where it should be seeded.

If you are interested in creating successful B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies, here is the information that will help you get started.

What is a Lead Magnet?

We all have been introduced to lead magnets while we are surfing the internet, or even offline. These days, it happens pretty much any time we sign up for a newsletter for an online shop.

  • A lead magnet is a free offer customers can make use of in exchange for their information, like their address or e-mail address.

However, it’s not as simple as this might sound. We probably know it from our own use: newsletters quickly spam our inbox and more often than not we will unsubscribe from the service directly after using the promised benefit, like a discount code. Instead, lead magnets should be used as an Inbound Marketing strategy.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the term that describes offering interesting and relevant information to potential clients in hopes of making them aware of services and actively seeking them out.

Instead of ‘aggressively’ interrupting the clients’ day with advertisements, we are aiming at providing them with content that will activate their interest in services of their own volition.

Lead Magnets as an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Today, successful lead marketing is at its most efficient when we use this method to create a long-lasting exchange, for example by continuously providing the customer with quality content they are actually interested in seeing.

  • This way, we can make use of the Principle of Reciprocity. The customers feel as if they owe us when we have provided them with helpful things for free. It makes them more likely to use paid services to return the favor.

Short-lived motivators, such as promotional codes, are a great door opener. However, effective inbound marketing uses Content Marketing, SEO Strategies, and a Social Media Presence to continuously subject potential clients to the information they are looking for.

What makes LinkedIn a Gold Mine for B2B Inbound Marketing?

LinkedIn is more than just a platform to present your portfolio when you are hunting for a new job. It has successfully turned into a business-aimed social media platform with business news, networking, and partnership opportunities at every corner. Here, potential employees as well as other businesses are actively looking for content and potential personnel that is relevant to their service.

Thanks to this business focus, you can effectively network with decision makers in other businesses and engage with an audience that is already focused on either your services and/or moving their own business forward.

A LinkedIn business profile allows you to publish content, like blog articles, and interact with other business professionals through interactive thematic LinkedIn Groups, or by writing recommendations for others.

Additionally, methods like targeted LinkedIn Ads make it easier to make relevant parties aware of your business and services.

Requirements for Successful Lead Magnets in B2B Inbound Marketing

The content you provide via LinkedIn is the communication you create between yourself and potential clients and partners. It needs to be aimed at building trust and motivating the person to interact with your business and, in the long run, offer a partnership that is beneficial to both ends.

The content you produce must:

  • Paint you as a leading expert in your sector to build trust & authority.
  • Offer frequent new posts to become a recurring resource for your audience.
  • Establish awareness of your service scope and expertise.
  • Invite your target group to interact with your content & business.

There are several types of content and topics that are suitable for these goals. You can offer:

  • your point of view on industry trends
  • how-to guides & lists
  • inspiring & motivational stories
  • examples of how your business has overcome challenges
  • descriptors of common mistakes & pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • industry-specific explainer content and research
  • An intimate insight into the company
  • interactive & entertaining content

Overall, this content must match your target audience and be SAGE:

  • Short, Actionable, Goal-Oriented & Easy to Consume.


LinkedIn, as the leading business-oriented social media platform, is the ideal placement for B2B lead magnets. Its thematic focus provides you with a professional target audience and decision-makers in potential partner businesses. Relevant content will find fertile ground here, and interactions can lead to win-win scenarios for multiple businesses.

An agency offering digital growth services for businesses can help you examine your target audience and develop the right kind of content and other inbound marketing strategies for your individual needs.