Aalyah Gutierrez Bio Wiki – Rey Mysterio Daughter

Rey Mysterio Daughter

Aalyah Gutierrez is a famous personality also known as Aalyah Mysterio and Oscar Gutierrez’s daughter. Oscar, her father better known as Rey Mysterio. He is a professional WWE wrestler and had won many championships. He is the nephew of Mexican wrestler Rey Mysterio Sr. she was born on the 20th of August, 2001. She possesses a lively personality and is very jolly and loyal. She is a well-educated woman. She had studied in a prestigious high school in California. She completed her studies at Personal Excessive College.

Aalyah Mysterio is also planning to join a medical university for further studies.  Her mother is Angie Gutierre and she is living a happy and peaceful life with her family. She has a brother named Dominik Mysterio a professional wrestler. Both love and care about each other a lot.

Aalyah Gutierrez Career Prospects

Aalyah Gutierrez chose to find her way which she did by joining the social media platform.  She didn’t show any noticeable interest in making her way into the wrestling career. She is a social media influencer and has gathered a ton of followers. She also draws attention for being the daughter of the famous WWE Wrestler Rey Mysterio.  Her family has gathered immense fame from Rey Mysterio’s stardom and due to his major career.

She often posts aesthetic pictures of herself and her family on her Instagram page. Rey Mysterio Daughter is very beautiful and her fans love to watch them. Moreover, she attracts a lot of modeling offers from her Instagram page. She has a fit body which tells a lot about her fitness. She also has a charming face with brown eyes. She also makes revenue through various sponsors and brands. Additionally, she has also appeared in numerous advertisements and earned well.

Relationship and Dating

Currently, Aaliyah Gutierrez is dating her boyfriend Joshua Thomas.  they both complement each other and look cute together.  People liked them very much as they make a great pair.  She also used to share some adorable pictures on their social media pages. It attracts people towards them.  It is also evicted that she previously dated AJ Hernandez. But soon they got separated due to unknown reasons. Then she moves on and now  She is in a happy and healthy relationship. She is in the true love of her life Joshua Thomas.

Facts and secrets about Aalyah Gutierrez

  • Aalyah Gutierrez is the beloved daughter of the famous wrestler Rey Mysterio.
  • She earns many followers on her social media due to her family background.
  • She usually makes lifestyle videos and includes her family in them.
  • Aalyah Mysterio is life-like and loves to enjoy life.
  • Rey Mysterio Daughter loves to surround herself with friends.
  • In  WWE, Mysterio her father won the Cruiserweight Championship three times,
  • Her estimated net worth is around 1 million dollars.
  • Her Snapchat account has been “aalyahgutierrez”.
  • She enjoys more than 400k followers on Instagram.
  • Her father has a tattoo dedicated to her.