Choosing bulk hydrangea flowers for your wedding


Hydrangea is a delicate flower, which looks incredibly elegant and airy. Due to the many colors and beautiful shapes, the flower compositions with hydrangeas in bulk will harmoniously complement and emphasize the sophistication of the bride’s outfit of any style.

Bulk hydrangeas symbolism

The birthplace of hydrangea is Japan, so until now the flower is sometimes called the Japanese rose for its beauty. The Japanese believe that she protects the young family from evil and misfortune.

In European countries, it symbolizes health, friendliness, and family well-being.

According to another meaning, hydrangea symbolizes frugality, fidelity, devotion, and a bouquet of hydrangeas placed at home will smooth out conflicts and preserve the spiritual comfort of its inhabitants.

Color spectrum

Often, while buying bulk hydrangeas, a two-color palette is combined, which allows you to choose the perfect shade of the flower. Many color variations presented at FiftyFlowers give a wide scope for creating a wedding composition of the desired mood and style:

  • white is a classic option, ideal for any image of the bride;
  • shades of green (from white-greenish to bright green) are used to create mono-bouquets with greenery;
  • orange and peach are bright options for a sunny summer wedding;
  • pink can be from pastel shades to fuchsia;
  • deep red and wine color is a spectacular choice for a wedding composition;
  • the blue color looks very gentle, emphasizing the tenderness and dreaminess of the image;
  • a floral accessory using a rich blue, lilac, or purple hue will be a colorful accent for a bold romantic nature.

Additional decor

Bulk hydrangea flowers on a bouquet are often decorated with lace, and satin ribbon to match the color of the wedding dress or beads. Due to the large spherical shape of the flower, it is often used in mono-bouquets – a voluminous branch is enough to create one wedding accessory.

The wide semicircular carved leaves of the flower practically do not require additional decoration with greenery as a décor. However, eucalyptus or salal can be used for plain cascading compositions with white-greenish bulk hydrangea stems.

Combination with other colors

Hydrangea is the perfect choice for a bride’s wedding bouquet. The main advantage of it is that it has a wide palette of shades, a beautiful spherical shape, and is combined with almost all plants, so this bouquet will decorate any wedding.

Volumetric inflorescences are in harmony with other plants used in wedding floristry:

Roses – this combination allows you to create a delicate volumetric bouquet of a spherical shape, and the lush buds of peony roses perfectly complement the hydrangea inflorescences.

  • Alstroemerias, orchids, and lilies form a stylish and unusual combination.
  • In combination with peonies, hydrangeas are perfect for a boho or shabby chic wedding.
  • A flower arrangement of a light shade is often supplemented with eustoma, callas, and carnations.
  • The flower of bright saturated shades is in perfect harmony with white freesia.

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The persistence of a flower in a composition will largely depend on conditions. Therefore, provide the necessary amount of moisture, and put flowers in clean water more often during the ceremony.