10 Trusted Institutes That Offer Salesforce Certification Secrets Online

Salesforce Certification Secrets Online

Fortune 2022 thinks Salesforce is one of the world’s most admired companies. That’s not a surprise, given Salesforce jobs are increasing 1.5 times faster than normal roles in the industry. And each position cumulatively gets paid huge fat checks at the end of the working year. For instance, some roles earn an annual salary of $87,000. And depending on the arrangement with your company, alongside your experience in the field, you could earn up to $160,000.

The facts above all point to one thing – Salesforce is one of the most lucrative job ventures in the world. Thus, learning about the CRM tool to boost your career prospects is not a waste of time. However, is it possible to gain this knowledge about the platform from the corner of your home or office? Absolutely! And the best places where you can get this done are highlighted below. So, are you ready to get started? Then read this article till the end.

Salesforce Trailhead is the official learning platform of the CRM tool itself. And it is a great resource to get started on the knowledge of Salesforce. It is rich in resources and prepares you adequately for the certifications – both the Salesforce Admin and Developer roles. You can opt for the former category if you are from a non-tech background. Trailhead helps you to gain intense knowledge about the platform, even if you are completely learning from scratch. And they expose you to hands-on experience that gives you a competitive edge in the market. After which, you earn a globally-reckoned-with certification.


Udemy is undoubtedly a leading online learning course platform. They are known for their infinite resources and expert training in soft and technical skills needed to scale up the career ladder. For their Salesforce courses, you will be taught by industry experts who take on both beginner and professional classes on the subject. Basically, everything you need, from a starter to a full-blown Salesforce master, is available for you on the website. In addition, you can get their courses for very low prices. And they are all available for you to enjoy in the corners of your home. Some of their beginner favorites include Salesforce 101: Introduction to Salesforce and Salesforce New User Training, among others.


CRS Info Solutions has been ranked the best Salesforce training institute globally. And, of course, their commitment to their craft qualifies them for such recognition. They train their enrollees via several flexible online training that are instructor-led. And these instructors are industry experts who have been in the Salesforce and teaching space for over ten years.

Within the 2-3 months of training, they expose their students (Developer, Admin, and LWC roles) to the best possible learning modules that give them a quick pass at the certification exams. They hold your hand and help through with certification preparations. Not only so, but they also help you to prepare for job applications through mock interviews and many materials until you land your dream job in the industry.


Simplilearn practically allows you to learn at your own pace. Training with them means that you have lifetime access to high-quality self-paced e-learning content curated by industry experts. And guess what? Alongside these are two hands-on projects to perfect the skills learned as well as 2 simulation test papers for self-assessment. Their training allows you access to 24/7 student assistance and supports on their platform. So, whether you are looking to function in the Salesforce administrator role or Salesforce developer, you can opt for their courses that touch on both ends. Some career lines that can benefit directly from their course include app builders, developers, system administrators, sales representatives, IT managers, and product managers.


Janbask boasts of the best-in-class content by leading experts in the Salesforce industry. And these are presented in the form of videos and projects. They also provide their training alongside assignments and live sessions. One significant aspect of their training that makes them stand out in the market is their career counseling. Some popular modules in their developer modules include learning about OOPs concept & Intro Apex class, Apex Programing – Database query and DML Operation, Apex triggers & Intro to testing class, and Asynchronous apex & Web Service salesforce. The admin, on the other hand, has topics such as Introduction to Cloud Computing, Salesforce object Relationships, Record Types/Page, Layouts/Buttons/Links, and Workflow/Approval/Process Builder.


MindMajix is that one platform where you learn an industry-compliant curriculum that has full-on practical sessions and modules. In fact, they are emphatic on how their courses are 90% of practical and 10% in lectures. This helps their Salesforce cases to be more interactive and engaging for most of their students all over the world. Their course content also covers salesforce developer concepts, including integration with web services and lightning concepts. You are assured of certification guidance and 24×7 learner assistance when you train with them. At the same time, you have access to over 30 hours of self-paced Salesforce training videos.


Intellipaat has over 36 hours of instructor-led training. This is available for all their students, with all of these hours filled with self-paced videos taken at different times by different students based on their learning schedules and convenience. These long hours of learning are coupled with 52 hours of Projects & Exercises that are industry-standard use-case scenarios. Intellipaat also offers help with your certification exams until you pass any of the two roles you opt for in your training. The same also goes for job assistance. Ultimately, you have access to lifetimes of free upgrades and mentor support as you learn Salesforce with them.


LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals. It also doubles as a job-searching platform where your profile serves as your online resume. However, what makes LinkedIn stand out for most people is the presence of an online course learning platform called LinkedIn Learning. On LinkedIn, Salesforce industry experts go out of their way to make faraway concepts as close to home as possible. And you can learn on any level. So whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is always something for you. If you are a starter, you could leverage courses like Salesforce Essential Training, Salesforce Administrator Cert Prep: The Basics, or Foundations of Enterprise Content Management, among others.


Coursera is most people’s go-to online academy. Everything online course is available on this platform. That is, from soft skills to the most technical tools available for learning at your fingertips via the Coursera website or mobile app. As a matter of fact, most people regard the platform as a mini-university. Many reputable organizations and universities partner with Coursera to teach their courses’ core basics and master-level aspects. The same goes for Salesforce. You can learn about Salesforce as a beginner and leave as an expert when you apply yourself to being trained on the platform. Some of their popular courses in this platform include Salesforce Sales Development Representative as well as Salesforce Sales Operations.

  • ONLC

ONLC has hundred of centers from where it has churned out successful alumni in Salesforce training. At the same time, these centers are champions of self-paced learning and flexible schedules for each of their students. Thus, you can learn Salesforce with them right from the comfort of your home. They teach via instructor-led training, which is fully interactive via remote instructor. They have a money-back guarantee and allow you to see a class for the second time with their optional free refresher course. They also offer group training for organizations looking to improve their staff.

Clearly, Salesforce knowledge is not far away. It can be easily accessed, just like most other online things. But you must ensure you are looking in the right places. So, when you want to take that step to financial freedom by learning Salesforce, CRS Info Solutions is your best option to pick from the pool of training institutes. Their excellent teaching modules present them as your best bet. So, reach out to them today! Stay tuned for more interesting ideas and informative content here on our blog.