How to Use a CBD Oil Vape Pen?


With the growing consumption and demand for CBD, vaping is one of the most favored means by most consumers. It offers the easiest and most effective way to take CBD, mostly in vape juice. They are convenient and easy to use. Initially, you could only find nicotine vapes, but the market shifted with the growing awareness of the benefit of CBD and THC.

As a beginner, it is easy to be overwhelmed by numerous choices in brands, flavours, products, etc. Selection can be daunting, but much information is accessible online to help you choose, for instance, the material used to make the vape.

You can explore various options as you familiarize yourself with what the market offers. It’s easy to find cheap vape pens near me that contain quality pre-filled THC oil and CBD vape cartridges. That may include disposable cartridges and pods, while refillable vape pens are recommended as an advanced option.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Vape Pens


  • The pen heats the oil to vapor, allowing you to inhale it. CBD in this form has a high bioavailability; thus, it is absorbed quickly in the bloodstream.
  • The size affects the cbd vape pen uses, making them easy to use and can go undetected as they produce little smoke.
  • Since they do not produce tar or nicotine, thus a better substitute for cigarettes. In 2015, Public Health England(PHE) said e-cigarettes were estimated to be around 95% less harmful than smoking. For cigarette smokers, benefits of cbd vape pens include the improvement of vascular health drastically. Since smokers are sometimes physically dependent on nicotine, they may suffer withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit. It is advisable to use a vape and support groups to help them end the habit of smoking.
  • Unlike smoking or ingestion, vaping boils the CBD and allows you to consume enough without wastage and retain the rest.


  • It isn’t easy to control the amount you consume, especially with vape pens. You consume as much as you inhale.
  • Some CBD cartridges contain a solvent (propylene glycol), also used in e-cigarettes containing nicotine. That can be harmful to your health. Buy your pens from a reputable dealer to ensure you access quality products.
  • Long-term implications of smoking CBD are under study. There are so many unknowns about CBD effectiveness. Even more, challenging is the dosage; how much should you consume, especially for those using it for its medicinal purpose.
  • Vape pens are addictive, and some people end up smoking cigarettes. A review by the Australian National Universitypublished this year found that non-smokers were three times more likely to take up smoking if they used e-cigarettes than those who didn’t.

You can customize your experience with vaping, taste,  dosage, or the type of vape pen. As with most things, consult a doctor, mainly because of the possible health implications. Do you have a condition that might be worsened by smoking? Some factors that determine how much you should consume, include;

  • Age;
  • Concentration of CBD;
  • Metabolism;
  • Weight;
  • Overall health;
  • Tolerance;
  • Medications you are taking.

Buying a CBD Oil Vape Pen

Do your research before buying the first one. You’ll want to ensure it’s a good investment. Nothing will deter you from exploring this vast world of CBD more than a disappointing first experience. Once you define what you want, purchase from a certified dealer, whether online or physical store.

These are the three main options:

Disposable CBD Vape Pen

The industry inclines towards the most hassle-free products, and vape pens offer this. Consumers get variety depending on their experience, use, cost, etc. Disposable vape pens are affordable and user-friendly. They are filled with CBD juice, making them ideal for beginners. The pens have a life span of a couple of hundred puffs and cannot be recharged after they run out.

Refillable CBD Vape Pen

Unlike disposable vape pens, you can use these over many refills. They can be recharged, giving the consumer a long-lasting experience. They can be custom designed as they have a more considerable lifespan; this is done at an extra cost.

You can fill the pen with CBD juice and enjoy different flavors. They are slightly more expensive but cost-friendly in the long run. They, however, require regular maintenance, like cleaning the tank and changing the coil.

CBD Oil Cartridges

These are narrow cylinders pre-filled with CBD juice that require a vape pen or battery to use. Moreover, they hold around 0.5ml – 1ml of vape juice as well as the second easiest way to vape next to disposables.

Finding the right pen to fit your needs can be a hassle since they all have different characteristics and vary in sophistication and price.

Settling on a vape pen is hard with the options in the market. Your foundational criteria should be informed by the following:

Safety – consult a professional before purchasing the vape pen, you should consult a professional. Look at the guidelines on use to choose a product you trust. Research into CBD is ongoing, and you must be aware of new information. For example, it is unclear on the recommendation of the products for pregnant women.

Price – vape pens are not expensive, and you can buy a cheap ones online. If you want something other than basic, high-end options come with features such as voltage control; the middle price range has refillable pens, and disposable pens are the most affordable. The price generally depends on the quality and brand of the product, sometimes technological add-ons like temperature control.

CBD concentration – go through the ingredients to understand CBD’s concentration, especially when buying refillable or reusable vape pens. It is advisable to get a cartridge that is filled with only natural ingredients without any traces of chemicals.


First-time users should try disposable vape pens before committing to long-term vaporizers. So that you get the best CBD experience, try finding a vendor whose product is all natural without chemicals.

Most people often get CBD vape kits after exploring vape pens; don’t commit too soon, there are so many options, and the market keeps evolving to meet user needs.