What Might the New Geiger TV Series Explore?


There’s no word yet whether the new TV show of Geiger, the independently produced comic book from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, will recap the six issues of volume one of the comic series or take up where it left off. The show’s studio, Paramount, has released a list of the top-level executives involved in the making of “Geiger.”

Geiger TV Show Leadership

According to a press statement from Paramount Television Studios on October 20, 2022, comic book writer Geoff Johns will write the pilot episode and serve as showrunner and one of the executive producers. Four others will also serve as executive producers – Gary Frank, Kyle Laursen, Justin Simien, and Jamie Iracleanos of Mad Ghost.

into The Unnamed Universe. On October 20, 2022, plans were made to adapt the graphic novel series for television with production beginning this year. The late fall also brought the first spinoff from the Geiger series, “Junkyard Joe.” Its fourth issue hits the stands on January 25, 2023.

Geiger TV Show Details

Although Geiger has only one volume of issues and completed the main story arc in those, The Unnamed Universe has much more to offer. The Giant issue of Geiger introduced forthcoming spinoff series, including Redcoat and Junkyard Joe. The latter releases its fourth issue on January 25, 2023.

Storyline Possibilities Abound

The story of Geiger seems to pit our hero against the world. His enemies seem countless; this affords the series many jumping-off points to explore related story arcs. These characters include individuals and groups with both the pre-apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic storylines in Geiger:

  • The Warlords of Las Vegas – Bonnie Borden, Mr. Karloff, and Goldbeard,
  • Redcoat,
  • Junkyard Joe,
  • The Northerner,
  • The Monster,
  • American Widow X,
  • The First Ghost,
  • The Nightcrawlers,
  • The Organ People.

The US military and President also figure into the story arcs in the vignettes set in the Vietnam War, 2030, and 2050.

Timeline of the Story

The TV show could take place in our time (or close to it), the past, and the future. That’s because these comic books use a non-linear story arc that uses storytellers and flashbacks to explore the past from its initial future setting.

The tales within Gieger begin in 1776, when Redcoat becomes immortal, and move through time to 1864, introducing The Northerner. The timeline then jumps to 1944 to the making of The Monster.

In 1972, the military creates Junkyard Joe and brings him online. In 1997, readers meet American Widow X. Jumping to 2025, readers find the first ghost captured on film, and five years later, The Unknown War breaks out. Finally, the initial setting of the story takes place in 2050, when Geiger’s family dashes into the fallout shelter, but he can’t make it there and becomes Glow Man, also known as the Atomic Cowboy.

When Will It Hit the Airwaves?

Paramount has yet to announce an air date for the pilot but considering the speed with which Johns and Frank have created comics in the past two years, expect to see it on TV either this year or next. The studio had already lined up its leadership and placed its creator at the helm of the show to spur its movement to the small screen while retaining its high quality. Stay updated and refreshed with Quintdaily for more entertainment ideas.