Trollishly: 7 Common Myths About TikTok You Need to Stop Believing

Common Myths About TikTok

Indeed, TikTok is the trendiest social media application in the world! Every day, millions of people visit this app at least once to scroll through short-form videos. Undoubtedly, the majority of social trends are born right here.

Brands and marketers who understand the power of TikTok have established their presence and have started reaping the benefits already. Moreover, aspiring creators buy tiktok likes to boost engagement and crack its algorithms organically. However, there are a plethora of myths that revolve around TikTok, which makes end-users think that it is unsuitable for them. So, here we have come up with a list of myths that you should be aware of and know the facts about. Are you ready? Come on, let’s dive in right now!

Myth 1: TikTok Is For Kids/Teens/Youngsters

Mistakenly, many social media users assume that TikTok is a place for the young generations. And marketers think that they cannot reach their target audience rather than youngsters.

Yes, TikTok is widely used by young people who belong to the 16 to 24 age group. But it doesn’t mean that the app is exclusive to Gen Zs or Millennials. In fact, this interactive platform is used by people of all ages who have interests in multiple niches. So, you can invest your time and effort in TikTok beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Myth 2: TikTok Is Only for Entertainment Purposes

TikTok is all about scrolling through a never-ending feed that shows dancing, fun, prank, or lip-syncing videos. If you think so, you are not aware of it completely.

In reality, TikTok is a versatile social channel where you can entertain, get entertained, teach, learn, promote a brand, and much more. The purpose of the app lies in the hands of users who utilize it to meet their diverse demands.

Still, have a doubt? Then, spend your valuable time on the application and visit the profiles of different content creators. Also, search for hashtags like #LearnOnTikTok, #BookTok, #EduTok, and so on.

Myth 3: TikTok Is Not Suitable for Brands

TikTok is not for brands and businesses. It is hard to accept! Although TikTok is an entertainment-based platform, it has been transformed into a powerful marketing tool. Wondering how? The active audience demographics, effective in-app features, and unique algorithm made it a perfect spot for brands.

Similar to other social channels, business accounts can access a wide range of paid advertising. Organic posts are adequate for attaining the goals as days go by. However, the brands that need to get instant results can opt for paid ads. In addition, you shall try out Trollishly to reach a wider audience and spread the word about your brand.

The built-in features are beneficial for reaching targeted audiences, building brand awareness, generating leads, driving sales, and reaching new heights in the niche market. All these aspects are sufficient to prove that TikTok is beneficial for brands as well.

Myth 4: TikTok Is Only for Public Figures

Many individuals and small businesses believe that TikTok is only for famous people. That’s not true! When you dig deep into TikTok profiles, you can come to know that even common individuals have gained popularity through this platform.

Here you will find both public figures as well as talented individuals who showcase their specialties. Content creators who are capable of creating and sharing viral-worthy content in a consistent manner can win for sure one day. So, don’t stay away from TikTok, as you may miss a great chance of gaining popularity or fame.

Myth 5: TikTok Is the Same As Like Reels/Shorts

Marketers and content creators who manage multiple social media accounts repurpose content at times. Therefore, it is a good idea to save time and effort on content creation. But there is no guarantee that you will attain the desired results.

Most people consider TikTok the same as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts, as they are all based on vertical videos that last for seconds. Such persons should understand that TikTok’s algorithm, features, and other factors differ from other social media. So, when you share the same video content that you curated for Reels or Shorts might not bring the outcome like native content.

Myth 6: TikTok Videos Are Too Short to Get High Engagement

Yes, TikTok videos are too short in duration, as they last from 15 to 60 seconds. But the myth is that these contents are not capable of garnering a reasonable engagement rate.

Before diving into TikTok, you should know that its algorithm is viral in nature. Though you share short videos, there are higher chances to get high engagement than other channels. Sharing random content might not reach more audiences and bring better results. Viewers may skip to the next videos if your content seems boring. So, all you have to do is hook your audience in the first few seconds by sharing appealing content. Furthermore, take advantage of Trollishly to get featured on TikTok’s ‘For You Page’.

Myth 7: Invest More Money on Making Videos

Another myth most people believe is that the TikTok app can be used only on smartphones. No, not like that! It is convenient to shoot and share videos with a smartphone. But it can be accessed from any device, like a desktop, tablet, etc., in simple ways.

Aspiring creators assume that they should spend more money on buying equipment. In the initial stage, you do not need any expensive equipment for shooting videos. It would be best if you only focused on recording high-quality videos with appealing visuals and captivating textual content. You can replace your items once you start making money with TikTok videos. So, keep your worries away!

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The Bottom Line

To sum up, these are the common misconceptions that make marketers and creators stay away from TikTok. Hope now you are clearer about the reality of the app than you thought. Then, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your social media journey on TikTok and make the most out of it. Good luck 🙂

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