Italian Super Cup to be Played as Four-Team Tournament in Saudi Arabia Next Season


New Four-Team Format for Italian Super Cup. The Italian Super Cup, also known as the Supercoppa Italiana, will be played in a new format next season in Saudi Arabia. The tournament will now feature four teams, rather than the traditional two.

Collaboration with the Saudi Arabian Football Federation

This announcement was made by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) in collaboration with the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. The new format will see the reigning Serie A champions and Coppa Italia winners joined by two additional teams, with the matches taking place in Riyadh.

Controversy Over the Move

The decision to move the Italian Super Cup to Saudi Arabia has been met with some controversy, as the country has been criticized for its human rights record. However, the FIGC has defended the move, saying it is part of a wider strategy to expand the tournament’s reach and make it more globally appealing.

Economic Benefits of the Move

The FIGC has also emphasized the economic benefits of the move, with reports suggesting that the new format could generate up to €20 million in revenue. The tournament is scheduled to take place in January 2024, with the four participating teams yet to be announced.

Football Clubs Expanding Reach and Revenue Streams

The Italian Super Cup is not the only major football tournament to be held in Saudi Arabia, with the country having previously hosted the Spanish Super Cup and the Italian Super Cup in recent years. The move is part of a wider trend of football clubs and organizations seeking to expand their reach and revenue streams by playing matches in new and exotic locations, especially in the Gulf region where there is much interest and love for sports and football, with big fan base for Italian league that bet on their favorite teams on the best Arabic betting sites.

In summary, the Italian Super Cup will be played in a new four-team format in Saudi Arabia next season, with the matches scheduled to take place in Riyadh in January 2024. While the move has been met with controversy, it is part of a wider strategy to expand the tournament’s reach and generate more revenue. The participating teams have yet to be announced.