Miss Tess owner Sanjeev Nanda lists top menu trends that are ruling the restaurant industry


Like in every other aspect of business and life in general, change is inevitable in restaurant businesses as well. Especially when it comes to restaurant menus, things are not meant to stay the same forever. According to Dubai-based restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda, revitalizing your restaurant menu every once in a while, in accordance with the latest trends, allows you to determine the room that you have for introducing new food concepts.

Sanjeev Nanda, who is the brain many restaurants in Dubai including Miss Tess and Billionaire Mansion, lists down top food menu trends which are ruling the restaurant industry these days. Read on to know what they are:

Health-conscious menus

With the pandemic ushering the F&B industry into an age of health consciousness, there has been a growing demand for everything from Power Bowls to GMO-free, organic food. People are willing to switch to healthier food options, and they are willing to pay more for them as well. However, while including health-conscious options in your menu, Sanjeev Nanda suggests avoiding gimmick versions of healthy foods, as most customers see right through it.

Ethnic food

Food from different lands continues to entice diners, albeit in a different way. Ethnic preferences remain a top industry trend, however, there has been a shift from French, Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines towards Middle Eastern and Pan Asian menus. The comforting herbs and spices found in Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as the wide variety of Pan Asian cuisine, are an absolute hit amongst food lovers. The popularity of Miss Tess by Sanjeev Nanda vouches for the same.

Smaller menus

The days of huge menu supremacy seem to be passing. In the current context, larger menus are perceived by diners as a restaurant’s desperate attempt at offering something for everyone, rather than coming up with a set of dishes that tastes really well. Smaller menus, on the other hand, are catching diners’ attention owing to their sleek design and simplicity. According to Sanjeev Nanda, if you want to hop on the smaller menu bandwagon but don’t want to compromise with your restaurant’s existing offerings, you can split your menu between meal periods.

QR code-based menus

With the pandemic making contactless ordering popular, many restaurants switched to QR code-based menus. An added benefit of these contactless menus has been the paper savings, adding to the restaurants’ green initiatives. Another perk of QR code-based menus is that they don’t need any additional equipment; the code can be scanned with the help of any smartphone. All these things add up to make QR code-based menus a trending thing.