Rudraksh Immigration Group Lists Out The Steps To Get The UK Self Sponsorship Visa


The UK has always been a prominent travel destination for Indians. People have moved there in search of better employment opportunities and experiencing world-class educational institutions. The two countries have shared cordial relations in this field for decades now. Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali has seen this trend increasing over the last few years where Indians are beginning to migrate to the UK for various reasons on a large scale. In this blog, we shall discuss the steps to get the UK Self Sponsorship Visa on the back of the knowledge that Rudraksh Group consultants have from their years of experience in the field.

Benefits of the UK Self Sponsorship Visa

There are a variety of benefits to this Visa. The requirements are quite different from the rest of the programs. Hence, one doesn’t have to go through a whole lot of rigorous processes. Here are the main benefits of this program:

  • UK Self Sponsorship Visa needs no foreign employer or job for application.
  • It is ideal for entrepreneurs, investors or people who want to purchase existing business in the UK.
  • It comes under “Skilled Worker Visa” category.
  • You can start/buy a business in the UK and appoint yourself as “Skilled Worker”.
  • After getting “Sponsorship License”, you can apply for the UK PR after 5 years and Citizenship after 6 years.
  • You can start/buy any business in the UK that is Legal.
  • There is no minimum or maximum investment needed.
  • You can also own 100% shares of the company yourself.

How to Sponsor yourself?

There is a set procedure to sponsor yourself and one can easily follow these steps in order to setup your own business.

  • Establish your own company in the UK.
  • Get your sponsorship license.
  • Appoint and hire yourself as “Skilled Worker” under the “Skilled Worker Visa” category.
  • Around 6-8 weeks are needed to process sponsorship license.

What are documents needed?

Now, any visa application process is incomplete without the appropriate documents. But compared to some other mainstream migration programs, the UK Self Sponsorship Visa doesn’t need an awful lot of documents. Here is the list of main documents and certificates needed to apply for this visa.

  • 1 month business bank statement.
  • Lease/Freehold/Tenancy agreement.
  • Employer insurance certificate.
  • Payee/Account Office reference letter from HMRC (UK Revenue & Customs).
  • Regulatory Approvals (Health & Safety star rating, ACCA, SRA, etc.).
  • VAT Certificate (for registered organisations).
  • Signed Annual accounts (for businesses over 18 months).
  • You need a minimum B1 level English proficiency as per Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Once you have completed these steps, you can receive the sponsorship license. Thereafter, you can apply for the UK PR (Permanent Residency) after 5 years and the Citizenship after 6 years.

Rudraksh Group is a pioneer in the field of overseas migration. It has been in the industry for almost 3 decades now which is what makes it one of the best institutes in north India for this process. The experienced staff at Rudraksh Group Mohali is well versed with providing the latest information regarding the migration policies of various countries.