Backgammon Board Game: Why You Should Consider Playing It and the Best Websites to Play It

Backgammon Board game

Backgammon is one of the most popular two-player table games incorporating strategy and luck. The game has survived and is believed to have originated in Mesopotamia and Persia some 5,000 years ago. It is still commonly played in the Eastern Mediterranean, including Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Backgammon is an excellent game to pick up because it has many health benefits and is entertaining. Backgammon, like other table games such as chess and checkers, is primarily a game of strategy and skill with an element of luck.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of playing backgammon free and the best websites you can play if you want to enjoy the game online.

Why you should consider playing backgammon

It is an ideal leisure-time game.

Backgammon is not a physically demanding or stressful game. It is intended to be played while unwinding and “de-stressing.” Even though it is inherently competitive, luck often plays a significant role in who wins or loses. As such, the game is intended for enjoyment. Even though the game has online tournaments and betting varieties, it is best enjoyed as a leisure activity.

Keeps your brain engaged

There is one thing that many board games have in common: they provide an excellent mental workout. Very applicable to backgammon. Mastering it is exceedingly challenging, even though learning the fundamentals is simple. Usually, it takes a lifetime for a player to gain advanced skills, so learning is an ongoing process in this game.

As you age, it becomes increasingly vital to stimulate your thinking skill and give it something to do besides watching television. Backgammon free is the optimal choice since it allows you to exercise your memory, reasoning, and logic.

It relieves stress

Nowadays, stress is regarded as a natural part of life. Comparing our life to those of others while staring at our computer and smartphone screens certainly does not help in any way. But, because backgammon needs your whole concentration, it might help you unwind by distracting you from your daily stresses.

Backgammon free can also be played while on vacation or at a wellness retreat. You can play it with your family and friends while lounging by the pool, on the beach, or admiring breathtaking scenery. It is easily transportable in a travel bag, tablet, or another device.

Reduces isolation

backgammon requires two players, so it encourages social connection and alleviates loneliness. Loneliness has dramatically increased over the years, which has been related to an elevated risk for various mental diseases. Having frequent groups of individuals to play backgammon with, whether in-person or online, can aid in resolving these challenges and foster the formation of strong connections.

Teaches crucial life lessons

The notion of winning and losing is one of the most significant things humans learn throughout life. Even as adults, many of us still deal with these feelings. It’s nice to win, but you must learn to be modest when you do. On the other hand, no one enjoys losing, but it is essential to remember that losing is an integral part of the game. Backgammon is a game through which one can learn how to deal with ill luck, defeat, unfairness, and other calamities.w

With that said, let’s take a look at the best websites to play backgammon online.

VIP Backgammon

VIP Backgammon is more suitable if you like a more contemporary aesthetic. The site is part of the larger VIP Games network, which offers various online versions of popular card and board games. In the backgammon segment, you compete against the computer on a sleek, wooden-style board. You have the opportunity to double your score here as well.

A notable difference is that each round is timed, requiring quick thought and action. In addition, VIP offers numerous additional social options, such as playing with friends and competing in tournaments. Remember that competitions require chips, which you gain during each play session. In addition, your revenue depends on how efficiently you compete against human or AI opponents.

This app allows you to build a profile, climb the ranks, and compete against other backgammon fans. Clearly, when you advance, every level becomes more exciting.

Backgammon Galaxy

After you have mastered the rules, you may desire to focus more on live games. While playing versus a computer is acceptable, the experience is significantly different when a live person is on the other side of the virtual board.

Backgammon Galaxy is appropriate for the position because only online players are permitted. You can initiate or join a session with international players. Among other things, you battle against a timer at varied speeds and earn points to climb the scoreboard.

Even though points are not required to compete in tournaments on VIP Backgammon, the competition is fierce. Ensure that you can handle the difficulty before beginning. Moreover, you can watch sessions on the website if you don’t feel like playing but still want to learn. You can enhance your game by analyzing the methods of more experienced backgammon players.

Backgammon Studio

Backgammon Studio is the best analytical backgammon website available. Be forewarned that the signup procedure and general platform navigation are difficult to master.

But, after you figure out what’s available and where things are, you’ll recognize Backgammon Studio’s immense value to devoted players. This game is intended to help you grow, not just play. In addition to evaluating your games, it provides an extensive library of individual checker plays and positions. You can begin at many levels of difficulty and progress through them.

Due to the absence of a clock, you are free to work on your response time as well. Use your watch or a useful timer app to ensure you respond well under pressure. If that is not enough, there are quizzes you can attempt to pass and a panel that includes matches from live tournaments. While playing a session on Studio’s live match domain fittingly named Heroes, you can view the recordings.