Can Tech Novice Use the Vingo App?


Indoor running and indoor cycling have gotten more interesting these days with the arrival of the new app called Vingo. This app transforms these exercises into online adventures so that users don’t feel cooked up inside their homes while they work out. The millennials and Gen Zs have picked up this trend and they are using the app like an online multiplayer game. So, what if you are new to this, you might ask. Fortunately for people who are new to tech and software, the app is easy to use and learn. Let us see how the whole thing works in simple steps.

The App with a Simple User Interface

Certainly, this app is amazingly designed with a simple user interface. Moreover, It also has an amazing user experience too. All the controls in the app are self-explanatory and you can learn them as you start using them. The app is so simple that Everyone Can Use it to its fullest in their first try. The reason for this is that the developers of the app have programmed the app to be flexible for any user and to make them comfortable while they are inside it. You can customise it, create your own profiles inside it and the app saves all your settings automatically.

Enjoy Hassle Free Gameplay with the App

Like we said before, the Vingo app is like a new age simulation game. It has a Simple Plug & Play System which allows you to connect with your equipment easily and becomes ready to use in an instant. You can enjoy the gameplay without having to worry about how your progress is saved. The app does this automatically too. This is one of the main reasons youngsters love the app. It is easy to use, as well as easy to play.

Connects with All Your Exercise Equipment

As for how you can use the app, it is compatible with almost all types of treadmills and training bikes. All you have to do is install the app on your smart phone and turn on Bluetooth. Once your smartphone is near your equipment, you can pair it with your phone and connect with it. The app Connects with ANT+ Sensors that come preloaded in the app. These sensors allow for accurate tracking of your activity on your equipment. This means your speed, pace, resistance settings, etc. will be calculated by the app and it will use this information to give you a seamless experience.

24/7 Support Waiting to Assist You

Besides being easy to use, the app is also provided with an Easy Guide Online. There is a technical team waiting to assist people inside the app and outside it waiting to get through. In case you need any assistance regarding usage and functionalities, you can contact them and they will support you. This is by far the best app for running developed in recent years and this is your chance to get into its amazing virtual world. Go ahead, install the app and have fun while you get fit.