How and Why You Should Back up Your GitHub Data


The amount of data handled by businesses and organizations is increasing every day; hence, there is a need to back up the source code and changes made thereafter. One of the popular data management tools used in projects is the GitHub repository. But to safeguard this from any emergency, it is important to back up your GitHub data appropriately.

The saved data should be accessible and recoverable when there is a failure in your system so that operations can continue as usual. If you are working on new applications and utilizing GitHub, then you need to protect your source code and all metadata to avoid wasting your time, planning efforts, and all other resources.

How GitHub Works

Many project owners believe that GitHub is secure and has some sort of backup. Well, it has an autosave feature that keeps the most recent files but nothing that will save your application code and data in case of an emergency.

According to experts, you need to back up your GitHub data in a more reliable and secure way like by using a third-party solution. GitHub may have failures such as outages, platform issues, attacks by viruses and ransomware, and other challenges that may leave you and many other companies without access to your code and data. So, take your time to back up your GitHub data.

How to Back up Your GitHub Data

There are various options for backing up your GitHub data. Most companies prefer to use professional solution providers while others just do it in house. Let’s check each of the options and how they work.

Third-party GitHub data backup

Leaving a professional to back up your GitHub data is the best decision you can make. Most of these companies have tested the most important backup sequences for source code, metadata, releases, and important milestones of projects and have created automated backup solutions. Once you hire them to back up your GitHub repository, you never have to worry about anything because everything is in safe hands.

They also provide access to your data and have the best recovery solutions. Although they offer backup as a service and charge a fee, it is worth paying for every bit of the solution.

In-house GitHub data backup

You may decide to back up your GitHub data by yourself. There are several options for doing so. But one thing is for sure; you will be in charge of how your data is backed up, when it will be backed up, and how to access or recover it when there is a need.

Most companies find this tiresome and risky because anything may happen to your entire system and lead to the loss of both the GitHub code and backup system, especially if a malicious attack is deployed. However, this option might be cheaper for your business, so make the right decision.

Why You Need to Back up Your GitHub Data Securely

Regardless of the option you choose out of the two, ensuring that you back up your GitHub data securely has numerous benefits. Many companies take backups seriously because they already know how much it costs to lose important data, especially project code and metadata. Now that you have decided to back up your GitHub data securely, here are the benefits to enjoy.

  • Saving time – Although you can restore code in your GitHub account for up to 90 days, some projects may have taken longer than this to reach where they are today. Therefore, you need a reliable third-party backup solution to save you time. These professionals ensure that your backups are safe and that you can recover your data at any time.
  • Saving money – Projects use a lot of resources, especially money, to create. You cannot afford to lose any. Therefore, make certain there is a sufficient backup from beginning to end. This will ensure that you do not have to go back to these projects to create them all over again and use more money than budgeted.


There are many more reasons to back up your GitHub data apart from saving time, money, and resources. Some third-party solutions ensure that your data is compliant with various standards such as SOC2, GDPR, and others. Well, there are more than enough reasons to have a professional backup for all your GitHub projects. Get more amazing tips and interesting informative ideas here with Quintdaily.