7 Ways to Make Your Lawn More Attractive in 2023


Lawnmowers have one thing in common-they have an intense obsession with the appearance of their lawns. Considering the amount of time and effort they put into ensuring the welfare of their plants, it only makes sense that they proudly showcase their lawn to anyone who cares to see it.

Arizona is known for its harsh and arid climate. As an Arizonian lawn mower, you would have to put in extra effort so you could have a lustrous lawn like your counterparts from other regions. However, with a professional Arizona landscaping company, you can achieve this with less time and less effort.

Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of 7 ways to make your Arizonian lawn more attractive in 2023.

1.  Never over mow

You must set a proper mowing height for your lawn. Mowing too low might cause the sun to penetrate the soil and cause drought, especially if the moisture content is low. Another tip is to hold back on mowing when the soil is still wet. Mowing wet grass requires more than a little precision; otherwise, you will end up with an unevenly mowed lawn.

Furthermore, whenever you take charge of the lawn mower, ensure to follow the same path you took the last time you mowed. With a mowing pattern, you can create a beautiful looking lawn that enhances the curb appeal of your entire terrace.

2.  Consider turning it into a pond

We can all agree that nothing beats the alluring sight of nature and water. If you can afford it, call in professionals to turn your lawn into a koi pond where you can enjoy the beautiful sight of fish dancing through the waters.

However, koi ponds are only suitable for backyards or fenced apartments. Making koi ponds out in front may not be a great idea.

3.  Only use natural fertilizer

Your lawn will thrive if you nourish it with only natural fertilizer. Organic fertilizer contains active components that will keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy. Nonetheless, you must always be careful with the dosage so you do not choke the plants with excess nutrients.

4.  Always do routine pest control-checks

Pests will try to create an abode in your lawn, especially if you have natural plants. Sometimes, the presence of these pests is not visible until they have caused extensive damage to your once-vibrant lawn.

To prevent this, you must have a regular pest control routine to fight off the different pests. Get recommended pesticides to keep these little devils from even paying you a visit. This way, your lawn can retain its lush and vibrant look-and all your maintenance efforts will not be washed down the drain.

5.  Don’t hold back with the water

Lawns need water to flourish. If it’s the dry season, you must give it all the water it needs. If possible, set up an irrigation system to maintain a proper hydration routine.

You must not make the mistake of watering your lawn after you mow-this will just encourage the random sprouting of weeds. Always water in the morning and let the moisture run down before you begin any lawn care activities.

6.  Create a walking path in between

This is a necessity if you have children or pets that love to run around unsupervised. Also, with a walking path, you can mow your lawn without stepping on any plants. Some lawns do not thrive when they are constantly trampled-so creating a walking path will help you retain their lustrous glory all year.

7.  Hire professionals

As much as you might be a veteran gardener, you can’t possibly beat the skills that a professional lawn specialist possesses. Call in a pro from time to time so your beautiful lawn can get the spa treatment it needs to thrive and survive.