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Top 5 Tech Sectors in 2024

Technology is barrelling along at breakneck speed, to where no one is really sure and with AI sitting in the driving seat, we head firmly into automation. If a tech journalist took a few weeks off, they wouldn’t know where to start upon their return, such is the pace of faster, smaller and more powerful products and systems.

Top 5 list of tech sector performers in 2024

  1. App development – The mobile app sector is thriving, as more businesses wish to reap the many rewards; we asked the top iOS app developer about business and they are expanding at an alarming rate, with SMEs making up the bulk of projects. Image is everything in business and for a small business to have a mobile app, this is a sign of a forward-thinking organisation with a winning touch.
  2. Blockchain – The world has changed forever now that we have blockchain technology; a decentralised open-ledger system that is transparent to all stakeholders and most importantly, is not controlled by any central authority. Data stored on a blockchain cannot be hacked or altered; the only way to make a change is to add another block to the chain. This can be applied in many scenarios; land titles, intellectual property rights, stocks and shares are all recorded on blockchains.
  3. Digital marketing – Commerce will always need sales & marketing and we have gone digital in this regard; SEO is vital to boost your Google search rankings, while social media marketing can pay big dividends, especially when managed by a top agency. These agencies are judged by their performance and their client list will tell you what you need to know. Award-winning agencies are always busy and they offer the best ROI.
  4. Robotics – This sector is flying; micro-electronics and super strong materials come together to build robots that are designed for the task. AI brings a lot to the table and large factories are managed by a bank of computers with a couple of humans overseeing the entire operation. Take a look at YouTube for the latest versions of robots from people like Boston Mechanics and be prepared to be amazed.
  5. AI – Some would say that AI offers unlimited potential; it keeps getting better and better, the more data you feed it, the smarter it becomes. Machine learning is booming across all sectors and no one really knows where it will end. Today’s world might be unrecognisable in just 20 years! Robots will do all the menial stuff and we will take it for granted that they are there, which is kind of scary. Data encryption is necessary to stop cyber-crime.

This definitely is an exciting time to be alive, with a tech explosion that seems like it is never-ending. The Internet of Things is on the horizon and that should change things for the better, freeing up the web.