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The Quint (quintdaily.com) is an online-only news portal that covers every nook and corner of India and brings to its readers the latest in Indian News, Bollywood News, Sports News, Political News, Gadget News, Food and Travel related news and articles.

The Quint is backed by some of the most experienced journalists as well as a news and media company with extensive experience in covering national and international news over the last five years. The Quint’s team is headed by a seasoned editor and a talented team of journalists, writers, and editorial staff that strive to deliver to you to the point coverage on a range of topics.

The Quint’s editorial policy is based on publishing only objective information. News with no ratings, prejudices or labels is our main working principle. Our goal is to become a worldwide known online news resource. We want to be described as an efficient, influential media source with a large audience in different countries.


Our Editor

Rahul (CEO)  QuintDaily – Editor

Rahul has a vast and extensive background in Science and Technology with a master’s degree in Network Security from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Rahul has worked with some of the best in the online media industry among others covering a range of topics.

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Editorial Staff

Matthew Camden
Email: matthew@quintdaily.com

Matthew is a management professional by education. With a background in Marketing Management from Utrecht (the Netherlands), Matthew has over five years of experience with international companies. He has worked as communications director and communications chief in many companies and has interests in data analysis and reporting. Because of that experience, he enjoys reporting on the life of technology companies and the entrepreneurs who run them. His favourite stories show how an idea can become a completed product, available for widespread use.

Ruben Pierrera
Email: ruben@quintdaily.com

Ruben has been creating and managing content for over a decade. He has extensive experience developing marketing, corporate communications, and public relations materials in a variety of fields including finance, banking, human resources, tourism, education, and NGO administration. His speciality is making sense of the complexities of large companies.

Linda Cramer
Email: linda@quintdaily.com

Linda writes about gaming technology. Because she understands the programming and strategy involved in creating a game, Linda is well-qualified to write about games and their future. She also has a knowledge of the gaming community, its quirks, and its passions. Linda’s personal favorite piece of technology are her bone conduction headphones, which she uses every day during her morning run.