Kozhikode Beach Set For Environment Day 2017

ncc kozhikode environment day 2017

Environment Day (5 June 2017) reminds Everyone the Beauty of Nature about How We Should Maintain it Clean. Today Kozhikode Beach Set With NCC and Nature Club For Environment Day 2017 by Making the Face of Calicut City Clean and Motivating Others to do the Same alike at Other Places.

As the Rain Never Comes Stopped their Mind to Make their Job a Disturbance and they Form an Equality to do the same in Best as they Can. Not only NCC Students from a Single School. A Group of Nature Club Members, as well as Corporation of Calicut, also started Helping the Students as a part of their Attitude towards Environment.

Kozhikode has Reported Today With Heavy Rain Precipitation of 100% and Humidity around 82%. The Equality of Calicut NCC Group is Mind-blowing. Students Under Class 10th takes this opportunity as precedent to Other Students who Sick with Environment to do this Action.

Students of Nature Club and NCC Reported the Kozhikode beach Each Morning From 7.30 Onwards and After the Proper Discussion with NCC Head and Other Nature Club, they Started their Work from 8.30 Onwards. People Who Seek Daily Practice in the form of Yoga, Football also Now Joined along with the Team of this Group and they were Cleaning their City with a Combined Work Sounds Heart Breaking one. Sounds a Lovely Operation. Recently the Bollywood Stars, as well as Stunning Star

Recently the Bollywood Stars, as well as Stunning Star Sunny Leone, Made a Pledge On World Environment Day in Favor of Bhamla Foundation. Never do a Pledge if a celebrity Says. It has to Come from our Mind. They were Just Moderators. Our Life is based on our Environment and We live for Our Environment by Making it Clean.

What’s Should be the Pledge of Everyone on Environment Day?


The Word Go Green Should Lies on our Heart, Not on a  Single Piece of Paper or Wall.

Let's See Some Beautiful Environment Day Pledges:

Heal the Earth - Heal Our Future.

Turn Right For Green Future.

Act Now for Better Tomorrow.

Save the Earth by making it Green.