Pullikkaran Staraa Rating 3.5/5 Review – Live Audience Report

Pullikkaran Staraa Review

Pullikkaran Staraa Review: Audience Review: 3.5 / 5 Rating has been given by people all around for Malayalam Movie Pullikkaran Staraa. Mammootty now running movie Pullikkaran Staraa has successfully made attention to Public around south India. The movie has been released over 300’s of Theaters in South India and made its release at Middle east and the main station of India where Mallu ( Malayalam) movie lovers located.

Pullikkaran Staraa is Family Comedy Entertainer Movie Starring Padmashree Bharat Mammootty as Main Actor. Asha Sarath to Cast as Main Actress of the same. The movie released to theaters under the banner of Universal Cinemas and made its release Today ( 1 September 2017) to most of the cinemas very successfully.

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Audience Live Social Media Pullikkaran Staraa Movie Review, Rating is Follows:

The Approach of Fans and Non Fans out there are roaming around the Theaters of South India for a Single Ticket. This sounds nothing but, the movie made attention all over and Gulf reviews are getting more positive than approached before its release.

Pullikkaran Staraa Movie Cast and Crew:

  • Mammotty as Rajakumaran /Jibruttan/Sundharan.
  • Asha Sarath as Manjari Anthony.
  • Deepti Sati as Manjima.
  • Innocent.
  • Sohan Seenu Lal.
  • Alencier Ley Lopez.
  • Maniyanpilla Raju.
  • Sijoy Varghese as Anthony.
  • Vivek Gopan as Vivek.
  • Dileesh Pothan.
  • Hareesh Perumanna.
  • Anjali Aneesh.

As there were bundles of Movies released all over India and World Wide for this Eid and Onam to Celebrate with their Favorite stars.

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Apart from Cast Acting and Report before the Audience at main screens for Pullikkaran Staraa, they found to be supporting crews behind the scenes of Pullikkaran Staraa. They are as Follows.

Behind the Scenes of Pullikkaran Staraa Movie:

Direction Shyamdhar
Producor B. Rakesh
Writter Ratheesh Ravi
Starring: The Main Cast that appears

before the Audience are;

Asha Sarath
Deepti Sati
Dileesh Pothan
Hareesh Perumanna
Sohan Seenulal
Music M. Jayachandran
Cinematography Vinod Ilampally
Edit Ranjan Abraham
Universal Cinemas
Release date

1 September 2017

Country India and the Middle East
Language – Movie Released Malayalam

Pullikkaran Staraa Review :

As we already said Pullikkaran Staraa is a Malayalam Movie. However, you might have familiar with most of the crew behind the scenes of the same. In fact, well comes into the story based approach on Pullikkaran Staraa review are as follows.

Pullikkaran Staraa movie tells us who comes to Kochi as an educator in an instructor’s preparation organization and a startling episode changes the life of all. Pullikkaran Staraa highlights Mammootty in the part of K Rajakumaran, an Idukki-based educators’ preparation.

Quint Daily Pullikkaran Staraa Rating: 3.5/5 { Rating Based on Pullikkaran Staraa Story.Direction and Sequence of Songs managed.}

Pullikkaran Staraa highlights Mammootty in the part of K Rajakumaran, however, location sequence is entirely plotted on the basis of an Idukki Teaching Center Training. The first half is mildly interesting and tells us the back side of a small family how they managed to make use of life with their Income. Well, after Interval Story makes sense and sounds like what we say twist happening in between making the life getting a thriller suspense for Pullikkaran Staraa. Actually, the movie aims basically on the things that making by  Rajakumaran /Jibruttan/Sundharan acted as Mammootty to impact in his life and that reflecting over others.

Final Verdict:

The movie Pullikkaran Staraa Movie made sensor board with U Rating based on story and approach in direction. There is no Vulgar scenes impacted and can be watched one or twice by any Person or Family.

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