Goodalochana Malayalam Movie Rating,Audience Review

Goodalochana movie review

Goodalochana Movie Review:  Here we come up with yet another Friday Movie Review Today {3.11.2017}. The Malayalam Comedy Drama Goodalochana Movie Starring Aju Varghese, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Mamta Mohandas and Niranjana Anoop are main cast part of the movie. The Movie Goodalochana warmly welcomed over 100’s of Stations in Kerala and around 50+ theaters around the basic cinemas of other South India and Metropolitan cities. Let us take a look at from the backend of Goodalochana Malayalam Movie Trailer, what the writer needs to share with us on the basis of this Comedy Drama Thriller.

Goodalochana Malayalam Movie Trailer:

Goodalochana is the tale about Varun, Ajaz, Jamsheer and Prakashan, four companions who live in Kozhikode. Their fantasies are enormous yet they generally take the simple course to accomplish their fantasies. At the point when things get hard they locate a less complex approach to wipe out every one of their issues, however, destiny had another plan introduced for them. Poop hits the fan when the choices they take lead them to more serious issues, how they escape these issues is the thing that whatever remains of the film is about.

Goodalochana Audience Review and Rating:

Audience Review:

Well, we come up for Audience Review and Rating, we can able to see the Movie Certification has been awarded “U” at the beginning, which means a complete clear 18- Certificate has been awarded to censor board team. This is quite similar that Goodalochana can be possible to watch by any aged people and its passed all the T.O.S demanded by the movie censor board. The Director Thomas Sebastian made his excellence in Goodalochana as it’s his debut and people aren’t aware of his direction. However, the Music composed for Goodalochana by Gopi Sundar played a Vital Role at the backend of the same.

There found to great Cast and Crew Appeared and appeared for the best part of the Movie in the play of Drama as well as in serious Role. Basically, First part of the movie tells u the story of some youth from Calicut, who lives like their wish and in that they need to fulfill their dreams. Which means exactly what the situation Youngsters in our Home or nearby who were looking for the job after their studies and getting involved in Fun in between. The Story has been nicely executed. There found with some lagging after the Interval part for the movie Goodalochana, but interesting Comedy Scenes nicely updated with Songs happened to figure out the solution.


I think We can give the movie an above Rating of 3 out of 5, on the basis of Goodalochana Story as its already mentioned a Comedy Drama Thriller. As it found to be nothing found with so much boring and also Goodalochana Script and Direction made good enough as we look over from their side.

Final Verdict:

The movie can’t be updated for a Box office, as its, the story can’t make it out a box office hit. but it will collect the best part since the Day 1 theater rush sounds so. Well, if you are one among the audience for Goodalochana, you can drop your view in the below comment box.We are waiting.!