Tsunami Fears at Kozhikode Beach Areas


Kozhikode Tsunami: The Beaches at Kozhikode (Calicut) reports in concern with the water level as well as the atmospheric prediction unveils the symptom of Tsunami. The Tourism department of Kerala taking many precautions on the basis of the same as well as fishing near some of the areas reported with this symptoms were started preventing and evacuating the people who were appeared there for fishing as well as in term of Tourism purpose from various part of Kerala and Other regions.

As the Climatic condition unveils the fact that there is a chance of Rain, as well as the Clouds, are even dark at the shore areas. However, there are no issues reported at mountain areas effects the same. However, Lately, the seabeds at Kappad region found to be receded around 200 meters from the shore, made the first symptoms of the tsunami, but gods grace, still no issues of Tsunami Reported so far. However, the heavy cyclone has taken so many lives reported by Times of India on Dec 1 is getting a dark dream for people out there living near the shores.

Sounds like December 2nd, 2017 is a weekend and many out there for sure will report as a part of tourism to present near at the shore. Please be take care of yourself and it’s better to stay back at your loved one for this weekend on the basis of this occasion. The Cyclone Ockhi not yet reported in the areas of Calicut so far, but in order to main yourself taking the risk of Tsunami, please be get alerted at and stay at the safe place.

Final Verdict:

The more live reports will get reflected here, stay updated with Quintdaily news. Take a look at the climatic condition happening due to this unbelievable climate so far reported by various live media.