John Cena v Undertaker – Wrestlemania 34 – Happens or Not?

John Cena v Undertaker

John Cena v Undertaker: The Entire WWE Universe around more than 80K ticket holder from New Orleans waiting for this to happen. On Recent Monday Night RAW, the John Cena really frustrated after the No Disqualification match against the KANE. He made the Victory by making the last Move over Kane on the Table after the Undertaker Chock Slam Move over the same. The People and John Cena were awaited for the moment of Undertaker to come back to battle against him at Wrestlemania 34. However, the RAW match on KANE really surprised the week before. As a positive attitude Cena challenging the Undertaker’s return to WWE Wrestlemania.

As per stipulations, the Undertaker match at Wrestlemania’s really thrilled the Fans out there at the Ring Side in the past 23 Years. The Lose happened against Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns Really the Undertaker felt bad for him. At Wrestlemania 33, he placed his Cap and Overcoat as a symbol of the last match at WWE. The Entire WWE Fans and Superstars got disappointed. As there were less than 2 weeks away from Wrestlemania 34 and one week time for John Cena to get surprised by the Undertaker.

The Superstars Brock Lesnar and Roman Reign are those said earlier who made victory over Undertaker and changed the History of Undertaker Wrestlemania. Does John Cena step away from the Ring Side by making Undertaker give a Chance to leave the Wrestlemania Ring Side by creating a History again? The 23 years of Undertaker  Wrestlemania is just 2 weeks away from today to make an impact before the Fans. The Entire Universe said Yes.! Yes.! Yes.! on the basis of demand put forward by John Cena on Monday Night RAW. Still, the wait has not yet Over.

The Fans were waiting for the Undertaker to 24-2 after Wrestlemania 34 Results unveils against the Match at WWE on April 8th, New Orleans. Are you waiting for the John Cena v Undertaker match? Drop your support whatever in the comment box below.