Kerala Lottery Result 2.5.2018 Akshaya AK343 Lottery

Akshaya AK343

Akshaya AK343: The Kerala Lottery Result draw of 2.5.2018 has been updated with Luck Wednesday Akshaya Bagayakuries. Well, it seems like the Sree Chitra Auditorium welcomed the 2nd draw of May 2018 as well as the 343rd draw under Akshaya Bagyakuries. In the previous draw, the Idukki region dominated the position of Akshaya Lottery by winning 50 Lakhs for AP 436071 number. However, the same impact of AP 436071 made the Akshaya AK343 Lottery to figure out the best sale to get reflect on this week [25/04/2018 to 2/05/2018].

Kerala Lottery Result 2.5.2018 – Akshaya AK343 in Detail:

The Akshaya’s 343rd draw and the 1st Akshaya Lottery draw official made comes in true after the circular forwarded from Sree Chitra Auditorium. Even there were newbies really excited see the draw to get happen at most part of the regions from Kerala and the other nearby cities. The board of Kerala State Lottery Department made an easy process for every newbie and daily ticket updaters with the Akshaya Lottery Result of AK 343 to figure out.

For those who didn’t know about the Kerala Lottery draw, the below guidelines will help to figure out this lucky draw.

  • Lottery Name and Draw: Akshaya AK 343, 2/5/2018.
  • Name of Distributors: Kerala State Lotteries.
  • Official 1st Prize: 50 lakhs.
  • Total Subseries: 12.

Check Your Results: –TBD

Once the Kerala Lottery Result 2.5.2018 have been displayed on this page, the aspirants need to cross check the same using Akshaya Lottery AK343 you were holding to the winning numbers. Even more, the Guidelines provided at the backside of every Kerala lottery Akshaya AK343 will help you the future updating.

Akshaya Lottery ticket has found to sold out mostly at Trivandrum as well as Idukki region during this week. However, there is nothing much a hike produced by this lottery ticket during the sale report updated by various agencies. Well, the ticket sale has been completed successfully at most of the centers in time before the draw to get done.

Final Verdict:

If you got anything to ask regarding the draw figured out for Kerala Lottery Result 2.5.2018 of Series Akshaya AK343, feel free to add it in detail at the below comment form given.