Is that Fermi Paradox exists on Earth?

Fermi Paradox on Earth

Fermi Paradox on Earth: Is that ‘Fermi Paradox’ exists on Earth? What’s really a Fermi Paradox is? We used to see in fiction movies the concept of introducing some concepts like ‘Aliens’, ‘Super Heroes’ and whatever the people love. The concept of introducing the thing into the attention of the public to make aware these creatures really existed. The main example from our childhood, we were forced to see an animated fiction creature called Dinosaur movies.

The Science says Dinosaurs existed and in an article title by Natural Geography “Could Humans and Dinosaurs Coexist“. This article sounds like weird to me when I read this and I’m a great fan of Dinosaur movies.  They indicated that: The Dinosaurs resembles an Aliens.

If science says the Aliens existed on this Earth, the theory of science make sense that they were true, as per if the ‘Dinosaurs’ resembles the characters alike the same. According to space “Fermi Paradox”, where the aliens really made their extinction? We never see those creatures in our day to day life. Where actually excited these creatures? In a city, in a village or In the Forest?

The Transgender are humans, but the way we treat them in our society sounds like haters are it. The respect that we made against to those people turned their lifestyle to horrible in older days. Even more, yet another example of people what call it comes to an animal face with the human. There is no relation as I said to the ‘Transgender or Transsexual’ category. But there is an inner mind correlation in those two. In an article reported by one of the “LAMB BORN WITH A HUMAN FACE” made me weird to read. The ‘GOAT’ resembles the face of the man always make the owner gets ashamed before the public. In fact, nobody thinks whether it’s an Alien or what?

Fermi Paradox to look past our own particular system, tending to how further developed civic establishments would possibly have the capacity to dispatch colonization ventures effortlessly. All the more unfavourably, a few researchers believe it’s conceivable that this Great Filter isn’t in our far-off past, but instead in our future as, it isn’t so much that smart life is uncommon, but instead that it flies into reality for a couple of thousand years previously getting wiped out of presence for secretive reasons.

As per my conclusion, the Aliens still exist on the earth, on the basis of character, on the basis of appearance, on the basis of their living on this planet. The thing that we humans see in the way makes sense that an unknown creature to conclude with the title “Aliens”.