1$ Hit 70 INR – Indian Rupee down 13th August 2018


1 dollar in INR today:[13/8/2018] The huge fall down of the Indian rupee in the month of August 2018 has been reported. In order to buy a dollar, Indian money needs to spend 70+ as per the latest Google update as shown below. In the past month, it has been it to 1$ in INR sounds 69. Apart from that, there found a big drop and hit near 68.16 INR. It seems like as predicted it will hit up to 72INR to buy a US dollar. Nobody will expect this kind of dominance by United state dollars over Indian Rupee. 😮

1 dollar in inr today

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The financial status of the Indian government needs to overlook in concern with the rise of digital India will have to face something good or bad in the upcoming days. The thing will surely make a huge fall in the gold rate in India on 14th August 2018 very badly. Accordingly, it sounds like a good day to buy a gold coin from those countries which were still not affected by VAT. 😀

As in the earlier today morning, Indian Rupee comes closer in between 68 and 69 to buy a dollar. Well, the rise happened during the evening and what’s going on and the stock price will truly effect and the stockbrokers will be in the happiest and at a time some feel very disappointed on this concern.  Is that the introduction of GST in India made this kind of dominance of dollar to increase? The digit India is getting a frustration to so many online marketers as well as investors. The Narendra Modi govt. should try to figure out something to lower the Indian rupee rate in concern to buy a dollar.

Final verdict:

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