35 Crores Qatar Donation to Kerala flood


Qatar Donation to Kerala flood: As it sounds a great news from Qatar government has been initiated in concern with the Kerala flood. As there found to be more than 10000cr in demand to regain Kerala back. The prime minister of India late yesterday initiated 500 crores for the initial process. The Middle east Malayalees and other worldwide donation started collected to the Chief ministers Kerala relief fund. The celebrities from all over India joined their hand to support a relief to Kerala.

The morning rises with shine and the Allaah is great. As it sounds the Bakrid is feeling blessed to those who praised. The Qatar ruler released around $5M to the Kerala chief ministers fund to support Kerala people. There were a loss of Home, Roads, as well as casualties sounds this support the action. The request of Kerala Malayalees late yesterday Abuu Dhabi shake also made his contribution in regard to the same.

A couple of months ago, Qatar has been disappointed due to their loneliness by separating them from other countries. But, Qatar is making their country big in the mind of each people all around. As the Qatar donation to Kerala flood sounds a great approach they had done. The Paytm, Amazon, UPI online facility is making their fastest move along with the same in last 48 hours made a contribution more than 10crore sounds great.

Qatar Malayalees also joined the same update the same approach and even the single one rupee from each will support the people felt with this kind of disaster. Other states of India yesterday collected more than 100crores and sounds a great relief is pointing. The food, medicines also started reaching in the nearby region by the move of middle east Malayalees especially UAE and Qatar is making relief so far. Thanks to the Qatar government for their support and more updates from Qatar will be updated soon.