Nihal Sarin – 53rd Indian Grand Master in Chess Competition


53rd Indian Grand Master: Nihal Sarin has turned into India’s 53rd Grandmaster in the wake of attracting the eighth round of the Abu Dhabi experts against Uzbekistan’s Temur Kuybokarov. Nihal who got his first and second Grandmaster standard at the TV2 Fagernes and the Reykjavik Open individually – required only an attract the eighth round so as to get his third standard, after his draw against Romanian Grandmaster Constantin Lupulescu in the seventh round.

Nihal Sarin grabbed the eye of all when he won the (Under 10) World Youth Blitz Chess Championships in the UAE in 2013. The resulting year saw Nihal rule in the U10 class winning gold at World Youth Chess in Durban and the Asian Youth Rapid and Blitz occasions at Tashkent in Uzbekistan. However, the story never ends, and the same 14-year-old’s attract 21 moves took the count to 5.5 focuses which come 5.5 out of 9 was sufficient for a GM standard thinking about 2545 as the normal rating of adversaries.

He was the Rapid and Blitz gold medalist in the Asian Youth Championship in Tashkent in 2014 and did not see anything unique exceptional separated from the child’s excitement.  Accordingly, he would simply require Hungarian GM Richard Rapport and found with the ELO rating 2719 to turn up in the ninth and last round to make it formally made a comment to the 53rd GM from India regardless of whether he loses the match. As he achieved many honors from the great Indian and worldwide chess grandmasters.

The opportunity of winning the 53rd Indian Grandmaster sounds a great motivation to Indian players. As he is just 14 years old. 🙂 Well, thus we can summarize, in order to become a grandmaster, age doesn’t a matter. Is Whom going to be the next grandmaster? You might be the next one. Hope for the best and make a history, the time doesn’t matter.