WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results 18.11.2018 Live Winners


WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results: RAW and SmackDown brand show have been done very successfully. In terms of show card updated by WWE w.r.t the speech after the judging the words of both general managers of RAW and Smackdown, Survivor Series 2018 event has been announced.  The champion versus champion and between two shows at WWE arrives very rarely. For both the general managers of WWE, it sounds like the matches happening like a war. The interesting new champions have arrived on SmackDown made the Survivor series more interesting than expected. Lets us take a look more on to the Survivor Series 2K18.

WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results 18.11.2018 Live Winners

The Live information concerning the Survivor Series 2018 from Staple center is discussing here. As the brand show of WWE forwarded 9 matches for the same and kick-off match sounds surprising at Survivor Series 2018. Do you know which brand wins after the survivor series 2018? As there were thousands of tickets were sold out at the Staples Center in regard with this WWE Survivor Series event. Let us take a look more in detail regarding the same.

The official WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results in 18.11.2018 matches and Live updates:

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch: Sounds a new experience for fans a RAW and Smackdown Women’s champion facing for the first time. Perhaps, the Charlette flair moe the calculations and Ronda facing her for the champion vs champion match by replacing Becky. Well, Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura is like different Intercontinental Champion facing a United States Champion is also a new experience at Staples Center. Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles isn’t a new experience, as in past WWE Survivor series, you might come across with these 2 guys. But, it will be interesting if the story changes the past. But last time move with a new champion at SmackDown and Daniel Bryan nominated for the same against Brock Lesnar.

Well considering the Team Raw and Team Smackdown matches anything can happen. The big monsters are appearing for this matches and sound Survivor series rocks the shows. In considering the Tag team matches, new champions AOP is going to make history or not with Team The Bar. Moreover, the  WWE Cruiserweight Championship stands alone with a single match update and it will be amazing at survivor series. Feel free to take a look on to the results updated by team Quintdaily regarding the WWE Survivor Series 2018.

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