Nirmal NR 106 Kerala Lottery Result 1.2.2019 Live Today


Nirmal NR 106: Nirmal lottery result for the NR106 ticket results has been made live. The today’s lottery talks about the 106th chronological update of Nirmal lottery tickets. The official 4 and 6 digit format results of the NR106 lottery ticket of Friday draw. As there found with lakhs of aspirants collected the Nirmal lottery tickets of NR-106 series. However, the validation of the ticket NR106 made many identifications to clear the same. If you are one among the aspirant of Nirmal lottery draw of NR-106 tickets, then you can follow up this update.

Nirmal NR 106 Kerala Lottery Result 1.2.2019 Live Today

The number NW 520352 really impressed the people of Kannur district recently. Perhaps, the sale brings to figure out the week 25th January 2019 to till today was found to be awesome. The lucky update of Nirmal lottery of 1.2.2019 brought lakhs of aspirants this week. As the talk from Sree Chitra centre in concern with NR106 lotteries put forward yet another Kerala lottery update this week.

The Kerala lottery result for the NR106 series made highest sale reported by local authorities there are Kannur, Kozhikode and Alappuzha region so far. However, the lottery department of Kerala figured the NR-106 Nirmal lotteries with some stipulations. As the same stipulations can be seen in every ticket of Nirmal Bagyakuri of 1st February 2019 draw. If you are taken Kerala lottery for the first time, the steps given below will let you check NR106 results online.

Check your results:


How to check your Nirmal NR 106 Kerala Lottery Result 1.2.2019?

  • Go to the ticket followed today for the Nirmal Bagyakuri of 1.2.2019 of Friday and cross check whether it has been scheduled for NR106 series.
  • Find the winning results of NR106 Kerala lottery in the 4 and 6 digit order followed here.
  • Cross check the results as said above and make sure NR106 series follows the structure as updated for NR105 of the recent series.
  • The prize money will be awarded of NR106 winning numbers matches with any of the 4 and 6 digit matches with respect to your ticket.
  • You are done.

Final verdict:

For more information regarding Nirmal NR 106 Kerala lottery result scheduled on 1.2.2019, feel free to share your queries below. The queries on NR105, NR104 and NR103 are welcomed in the respective updates followed here.